By A. - Canada
Today, after two weeks of living on plain pasta, I finally got my paycheck and was excited that I'd get real food, and ride the subway instead of exhausting my malnourished body with the two-hour walk to work. My surname was misspelt on the check; the bank is holding it for ten days. FML
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  mommy2cassidy  |  18

112 not all the time. I'm not sure if it works the same where you live but I can cash or deposit my cheques and I have access right away. I do have to go to the bank teller rather than use the machine.

By  jeanine_fml  |  0

I was a teller once, and now I'm in operations and am single-handedly responsible for updating/writing my credit union's teller procedures. We would never hold a check due to an obvious error like a misspelling. Especially not for 10 days, and especially not a paycheck. Either you have a bad history with your bank or you need to switch. That's insane.

  T1A2Z3  |  34

Probably people who need to know more about her situation. It is incredibly poor planning to be so low on money you can't buy pasta sauce. Unless she has been looking for a job for ages and used up all her savings while waiting for her first paycheck she kind of messed up. Even still doesn't she have a relitive she could borrow some money from?