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We could be heroes…

Today, I stepped outside my office building for a smoke break and I witnessed a mugging so I ran over to stop it. I succeeded in getting mugged instead of the original target. I then couldn't get into my building until a coworker left an hour later. My boss was mad and still doesn't believe me. FML
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Did you call the police to report the mugging?? If so, there would BE a police report which you could show your boss and then your boss would have to believe you. If you didnt call the police well, YDI!! STOP smoking too YDI!!


thats why i always carry around used needles. a mugger tried to mug me and i whiped out my needle, what then ensued was a needle fight between me and him, it was like zorro but with needles and not swords. anyway i managed to stun the mugger with a dirty bandaid and got the upper hand. lets just say he will have to use straw to eat from now on


14 Nice use of words. And sure he can smoke if he wants but when he gets cancer, or when his 2nd hand smoke affects someone elses health like if he has a child, then I dont want to hear a sob story. You smoke, you suffer with the consequences(sp)! If he didnt go out for a smoke, there would NOT be an FML for him to post!

  mz_booty  |  0

sometimes it's best to watch people getting mugged because u never know super granny with her handbag might come running down the road and bash them instead hahaha

  vilas  |  0

but they probably didn't prevent the other target as well. if you're a mugger, and you're mugging someone, and suddenly someone else comes running up, you don't just mug one of them, you mug both.

  ICaughtFire  |  4

@kaylanicole1255 - Waa Waa. Another "your smoking effects everyone else" story. If OP smokes, he/she obviously knows the consequences. You have no right to tell someone to "stop" smoking. Really, if someone wants to slowly commit suicide, yellow their teeth, make their voice raspy, and smell like an ashtray, then by all means, leave them be.

  Sprocket  |  5

I agree w/ 56. And at that wahwah person... Smoking is a no in my relationships, but I wouldn't go psycho and tell them getting mugged is their fault. That is like people saying it is my fault I get tormented for "choosing" to be gay... who cares what I or anyone does with life--- OH WAIT, your solo crusade cares!

  gutzz  |  0

haha, a lot of people smoke, you're right, that makes it ok. and maybe they mugged someone for their cigarettes cuz they couldn't afford them! quit smoking, don't get mugged.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Alternate fml... op goes outside at the end of the day and finds a dead man in sight of the buildings smoking area.

Marginally better day for him, still an fml. Maybe the man who he tried to help will buy him a beer next time they meet.

  seekndestroy  |  3

WTF, this guy tries to help someone out, and all half of you guys can say is "lolololol ydi fur smokin, taht sheetz bad 4 u." yes, everyone over knows, please pull your heads out of your asses.

By  Bofferding_fml  |  6

dumbest possible thing to do when seeing someone getting mugged is running towards them yourself. you could a) get yourself killed b) get both of you killed because the mugger psyched out c) get mugged yourself...
just yell out loud next time from distance, most muggers freak out when they start drawing too much attention and run away.. and then call the cops. OR if you are John wayne Rambo style, take your gun and keep it pointed at him till the cops arrive and if needed fire a non lethal shot if he wants to run!