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  fmlwmty  |  0

That's what you get you god damn prick? Who the hell is that fucking stupid? God go die in fucking hole (or run into glass a few times whichever you prefer)


75: How about you invest a little more time into your grammar. Try inserting more commas into your lovely run-on sentences.
Also, I will fuck myself, and I will do it with a smile on my face, while thinking of you.


110: *clears throat* Well, I was told to "go fuck urself you butt hole" by a delinquent. It wasn't the fact that I opted to do that for no reason. I was just making a point.

  tylersign  |  11

Desperate times call for desperate measures. First, hang up a large sign which reads "please note, there IS a glass door here". ... No need to continue the list. If that isn't enough, then OP has no hope.

By  fez667  |  0

lol my lil brother did the same thing but there was dirt and crap all over the door and he few back like 3 feet didnt do anything to the door tho

  leadman1989  |  15

"there was a door here"

- just pull the...


- there are several other exists... how do you think you got in?

"I'll starve, unless YOU I must eat you"

- the fridge is right there WTF!!!

  steviesnm  |  6

Ya'll need to lighten up and not take every bit of sarcasm seriously. There's gotta be some shit wrong with their sight if they can't see a door or colored tape put on it.