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Nothing screams 'I'm drunk' like trying to act sober in front of your parents. You think they've never seen a drunk kid before?

Congratulations on getting caught, idiot. There is no excuse for getting so shit-faced that uncontrolled vomiting ensues, especially in front of your mother. I hope you still live at home so your mother can ground your stupid ass.


Haha! YDI :)

*Sees 'trying'* *hits YDI*

Score! Way to go!

I kinda think YDI.

don't do that

I remember my first beer.

You threw up after your first beer? Hmm must be french

Good job. say you have the flu :)

Are you sure it was you or Eric from "That 70's Show"?

wow, so much for sober

It tends to be much easier to act sober if you actually are, ydi