By jwshrieky - Canada
  Today, I had a job interview. I was feeling good about it until I saw the interviewer. It was a guy I had sex with and never called again. He remembered me too. FML
jwshrieky tells us more :
It was an 'Oh Jesus.. Ive had you between my legs and now you're the decider on whether or not I actually get to make money off of my brand new nursing degree' moment. :-D
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  BrigaDoon48  |  8

Maybe he didn't get the call because he did get the job! Just saying' sometimes you do things you later decide weren't worth the trouble! Mighta been worth it for the OP, though...

  CallMeBloo  |  31

I agree with 144. If you agree to have sex with a person, you agree to any number of risks ranging from STDs or babies to awkward meetups and conflicting emotions. I waited for marriage, but while I know that's not for everyone, I think there should be a certain amount of trust and open communication between the participants before they engage in such behavior.

  crammer1  |  6

What she probably meant by that was he tried to contact her and she didn't call him back. Or he gave her his number and she never called etc..... Many scenarios in which it's not always up to the man. I know plenty of women who don't want contact after a hookup either.

  lindseykcool  |  6

Or maybe in the sense of a hook up, the guy is supposed to call back, but its different when a girl initiates the hook up, #10. I'm a girl and even I see that as a double standard! Lol.