By jwshrieky - 05/01/2012 16:00 - Canada

Today, I had a job interview. I was feeling good about it until I saw the interviewer. It was a guy I had sex with and never called again. He remembered me too. FML
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jwshrieky tells us more.

It was an 'Oh Jesus.. Ive had you between my legs and now you're the decider on whether or not I actually get to make money off of my brand new nursing degree' moment. :-D

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Now watch him not call you back. ZING!

Did you get the job?


Did you get the job?

Karma. It's a bitch

shift_love 13

Did he get the job is the question we should be asking.

flakitaa22 0

OP should trick him into believing HE's the one that never called. (x

Lol 28 could you learn to love me? Reread the FML, it's a girl.

It's a shame 28 posted a shitty comment to go with such an amazing picture and bio.

My thoughts exactly, number 60.

Maybe he didn't get the call because he did get the job! Just saying' sometimes you do things you later decide weren't worth the trouble! Mighta been worth it for the OP, though...

Your the perfect woman!

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Doesn't matter, had sex.

Alexunited1212 2

I think 28 is referring to the guy getting the job as in a blow or handjob.

Yeah.. 28 was making a joke no need to get your panties in a bunch

If she was qualified, I hope she does. Getting a job should be based on merit, not personal relationships.

twaumat 28

I hope not!

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You should call him afterwards.

Do you call everyone back after a hookup? Some people should stay in the past, maybe that guy was one of those people?

(Continued on from #2)... and see if he would like to do a replay of that night. *bashfully blinks eyes*

I think #2 meant after the interview and I'm PRETTY SURE it's supposed to be a joke. Just sayin(;

No one really gives a **** 61, Just sayin(;

OhSoBueno 0

No 61 I was serious absolutely no sarcasm intended, just like this comment -_-

Strafeh 9

Mad? ^

OhSoBueno 0

Also very heavy with sarcasm lol

Or maybe you just shouldn't have one night stands? Sex has risks, so you shouldn't just hop into bed with anyone who's attractive.

I agree with 144. If you agree to have sex with a person, you agree to any number of risks ranging from STDs or babies to awkward meetups and conflicting emotions. I waited for marriage, but while I know that's not for everyone, I think there should be a certain amount of trust and open communication between the participants before they engage in such behavior.

twaumat 28

like, call him now and ask if yoy got the job?

.. Was the sex any good?

shrekus 0

Probably not, thats probably the reason she didn't call him.

Ferretface 13

Doesn't matter, had sex.

AlaskanEskimo34 0

"Hey weren't you that one who gave me gonorrhea and then never called?"

64, What you do or don't do in your private time is none of our business.

AlaskanEskimo34 0

94- *facepalm* 1.The whole point of FML is to basically tell your business to everyone. 2.You completely misinterpreted my comment.

99, 1. To that I agree. 2. No, I didn't, I was being facetious.

103 - You have a very appropriate name to go with the thumbs on your comments :)

littlegold 7

Haha, call him, maybe do it again... You might just get the job! Lol!

Blackmail111 9

Well it's only right that he gives OP a job because OP gave him a job first if ya know what I mean ;D

Now this is a FML.

Ouch! What a situation!

Ya she is ******

tttrtle 0

Your **** look delicious!!! ? ?(.)(.)

Now watch him not call you back. ZING!

34- Was that the phone ringing...?

Nah. It wasn't. she didn't call him, remember?

fernclogger 5

Like a boss

n3rd43v3r 10

lol more like 'like an employer. '

maryam8869 7

shouldnt the man who makes the call back :/

ThatLooksSticky 16

Maybe OP is male too.

Or maybe it's a woman and SHE didn't call HIM back *shock horror*

I think the point was that he didn't call her after the sexing either so maybe he didn't care in the slightest that OP didn't call..?!

Maybe she used the ol' "don't call me, I'll call you."

crammer1 6

What she probably meant by that was he tried to contact her and she didn't call him back. Or he gave her his number and she never called etc..... Many scenarios in which it's not always up to the man. I know plenty of women who don't want contact after a hookup either.

Probably right on the money on that post

Is like to know some

lindseykcool 6

Or maybe in the sense of a hook up, the guy is supposed to call back, but its different when a girl initiates the hook up, #10. I'm a girl and even I see that as a double standard! Lol.

markrs 0

"No! That was my evil twin sister! She was probably using my name...I'm not getting the job am I?"

jobsman99 0

This is very clever. I hope it works for her.