By drugsforthugs / Tuesday 18 November 2014 17:26 / United States - Sierra Madre
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  granCanyon  |  12

Trust me if it was mdma he would know it and wouldn't write this FML. Also why would his "friend" give him drugs? Dealing drugs is a far worse crime than consuming them. He'd be in very deep sh!t if he gave him some mdma.

I don't know if the standard urine test they have will detect mdma but there are tests able to do it.

  cmchappy  |  24

Where was the ops bodyguard at

  cmchappy  |  24

Caution hero above

By  devildog562  |  33

Now if only they were really Mollys. Class would be a whole lot more interesting. There is no way you'll be expelled. They would call the police department and they would use a Chem test or send it to a lab and verify it wasn't mdma. Good luck.

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