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Today, my boss told me his cancer test results came back positive. I congratulated him and asked how he planned to celebrate. It turns out a positive cancer test result is a bad thing. FML
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How could you not know that a positive result to a cancer test is bad?

F*** your life? F*** his life, now he sadly has cancer.


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Sure it wasn't the most pleasant misunderstanding but is that really a reason to send him into unemployment?

Honestly I can understand this mistake. Positive can also mean good, not just that you have it. He probably thought he meant that his cancer tests were good, not that he was diagnosed. You should get fired for wishing bad things on others for simple misunderstandings.

Why should the boss have to deal with replacing well-meaning (if dim) OP when he's facing surgery, radiation, and/or chemo?

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YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT!!!! Seriously.... you big dumb jerk. you better apologize asap you big sack or lard.

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132- out of complete curiosity, are you one of those people who pronounce ASAP as a word?

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OP is a dumbass though whom lacks intelligence.

You're the one who's being a dick so calm down

#1 Your such a bitch. Haven't you learned that people make mistakes, sometimes little,and sometimes some big mistakes. Were all human.

just be nice to him from now on and maybe youll be able to take his spot when he croaks

Okay I'm sorry but when I saw this FML, I swear, a few of my brain cells died. I didn't know somebody could be this stupid, but I understand why OP thought it was a good thing. Kind of.

Wow if everyone who accidentally put their foot in their mouth got fired over it no one would have a job

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Holy shit, it's a misunderstanding you barbaric imbecile. Similar to how you don't understand that it's not okay to tell someone to get hit by a car because they were trying to be pleasant but messed it up. FYL, OP, and FYBossesL

#55 if OP is old enough to have a job then he should know the difference between positive and negative in the medical field. That's plain embarrassing

If your pregnancy test comes out positive, you're having a baby. That's a good thing and a reason to celebrate. See how the word positive can be misleading?

I think we can all agree that cancer is a bad thing. However, I was on everyone else's side until I read some of the comments. I was like "how could someone think this was a good thing?" Now I see how this could come across as a mistake. I will also be adding this to my book of "Educational Experiences on FML" ;)

63- Except that where a positive pregnancy test means you're having a baby, wouldn't that logic carry over to a positive cancer test meaning you're having cancer? :p Positive doesn't always mean Good over Bad really. It more often than not means Yes over No, unfortunately. :(

yar durp. "I had a positive day" vs "Oh god my HIV test came back positive"

85- I do know that positive or negative means yes or no. Testing for steroids, pregnancy, drugs, etc. however, this isn't a matter of yes or no, it's a matter of interpreting the connotation carried by the word.

63, That logic doesn't even make sense. It's positive, therefore it exists. How can you even begin to try supporting this behaviour?

But the test was still positive as in yes you are having a baby so with that same logic you just used then when OPs boss said my cancer results came back positive then the logical assumption then is to think that means they came back saying yes he does have cancer.

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#2 it was an honest misunderstanding. OP thought his boss meant positive as in no cancer. Think a little. Nice to know what dickheads you all are bashing OP though

positive can be good or bad depending on your situation. for example, it's not always a good or happy thing that you're having a baby because maybe the soon-to-be-mom is only 15. or as said earlier, it can be good. it just depends on your situation.

Hey 55 positive can mean both good and bad in the medical field maybe you should know the difference before you open you mouth asshole.

Pregnancy tests coming back positive isn't always a good thing.

I don't think I've ever seen so much repetition in one thread before. My head hurts now.

So are you positive or negative about your headache?

Pay more attention during conversations. If you think this is bad, your wrong this could have been way worse.

26 for example OP's boss-My wife and mom just died today. OP- cool, how are you going to celebrate!!

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boss: I have cancer OP: congrats! that's kind of the same amount of inappropriate as many things. a devastating tragedy and OP relying "YAAAAAY"

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Cancer is pretty serious I had to watch my grandfather suffer 6 months Was not fun and he was in ALOT of pain so I'm gonna put cancer as worse than death

How could you not know that a positive result to a cancer test is bad?

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40, English is not the only language where (medically) positive and negative have that meaning.

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He had a misunderstanding of what the word meant, one explanation is that it's not his first language, you're assuming he has a full understanding of the language and just misunderstood the uses.

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Because I'm positive for cancer is so confusing

Yeah, but OP would have sufficient English to hold a job, so why can't he/she understand what being positive to cancer means? I'm under 18 and I know what it means, even with English being my second language.

F*** your life? F*** his life, now he sadly has cancer.

I feel like you adding the "now", makes it sound like he has cancer because of something she did... But I agree, FHL.

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Well now you's a fairly common mistake with non-native speakers...sorry OP, hopefully you explained yourself and boss understood your mistake.

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What makes you think he's a non-native speaker?

wildsweetchild 19

I don't know if he is.. but I am..and in non-native speakers circle it's fairly common.

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I couldn't bring myself to make any punny comments on this one. Unfortunately, I bet everyone on here knows someone who has been lost to cancer. It's no laughing matter and your boss is in all of our thoughts and prayers.

I'm not going to say I third this (probably because of the threat of downvotes), but I will pray for OP's boss.

How can you equate 'positive cancer results' as something good? He said the cancer is positive, not the news about his cancer... Try paying attention instead if just trying to kiss ass

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Don't be an ass. Positive means good.

#36, Sure. Example: OP: "Am I fired because I'm an idiot?" Boss: "I'm posititve you are."

#123, I'm thumbing myself down because I remembered a similar confusion. In accounting class, I took forever to get that a debit is good and a credit is bad. (Good thing I'm not an accountant.)

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Most definitely not the same thing as cancer idiot