By Discouraged - 06/01/2015 20:36 - Canada - Newmarket

Today, my brother admitted that he decides whether he will date a girl or not based on the number of likes she gets on her selfies. We share the same blood. FML
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And he will probably never find that perfect girl, and he will bother you forever :D

I guess your brother aint much of a personality fan, sorry to hear that.


And he will probably never find that perfect girl, and he will bother you forever :D

I guess your brother aint much of a personality fan, sorry to hear that.

I'm always a bit torn on the subject. I mean if you are not attracted to someone in any way it's very hard to have a relationship with them but at the same time personality and how you get along should always be first priority. I don't know personally I'd rather not even go on a first date with someone unless we had gotten to know each other enough beforehand as it seems a bit too shallow to start off by seeing someone and being all "hurr durr you pretty we date?"

#16, while I agree with the point you've made, if you know someone long enough, you can grow fond of them more and more. Sometimes, being attracted to someone's personality and character makes them appear more attractive physically as well.

Well #20 I agree that does happen occasionally and I like the idea of it, in my (rather limited) experience it seems far more common you see people who are or become friends with somebody they are not attracted to and they never give them a chance (not that that is wrong nobody has to date anyone they don't want etc.) yet that same person will see someone they do find attractive and give them multiple chances often ignoring frequent screw ups or deep character flaws. Honestly I don't think I have a point just sort an interesting topic that confuses me a bit at times.

#20, you're correct. When I was just getting into highschool years ago, I always saw a boy, to be honest yet in the biggest way possible, he was horridly bad looking. However, one day I had no one else to sit by at lunch (irregular day. schedule had been changed), so I say by him. Chatting, we got to know eachother and years later we dated. Although I knew he wasn't the best looking, our personalities were nearly identical. Eventually we split apart, with him moving out of state while I couldn't, and he met someone new. I see their pictures on Facebook and it still upsets me to this day.

I agree with 20. It's similar to demisexuality.

If I have a grievance in this subject it's more with the currently accepted form of dating. I dislike that it uses appearance as a gateway requirement of getting to know someone's personality. It's just a bit disheartening that without it being an accident or from prolonged interaction that an unattractive person is given a markedly lesser chance at a relationship as a more attractive person has from the start.

Gotta love personalities, nice, pert, round and voluptuous personalities... Wait, we are talking about the same thing right? RIGHT?

There's always one in the family. At least you know that it's not you!

Wow... Who even cares about likes if she is beautiful through his eyes.

Yep here is the black sheep in the family :p

thefirstwhiteboy 17

No it's not. It's OP's brother, which doesn't conclude what the rest of the generation is like..

So he picks girlfriends based on what *other* people think of her looks? How shallow can you get?