By immaloser95 - 06/01/2015 21:06 - United States - Portage

Today, I was working out on a horse farm. I slipped and fell on some ice, whacking my head on the metal gate in the process. As I was getting up, I accidentally grabbed the electric fence. FML
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OP here, and loving these awesome puns. I'm glad some of you get to laugh at my pain! :) Let me explain my story. I've been working on horse farms my entire life. For those of you who don't know, an electric fence is for keeping the horses from knocking down the fences and escaping (not fun). They're very hard to see, as they run right the along the top edge of the fence, and especially hard to notice if you aren't looking for them. I've been shocked loads of times out of carelessness, but this time, it wasn't entirely my fault. Here in Michigan, weather is about as bipolar as is gets. It was raining the morning prior to my fall, and it was snowing at the time, covering the ice. And no, I was not running. It is possible to slip on ice while walking. I really wish there was a camera there. I feel like I may have just looked like a cartoon. It did hurt, but my boss and co-stable hand were laughing their asses off, and eventually so was I. I don't think they'll let this one go for a long time! Oh, and as for the person who said I worked around exotic

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RandomUsername88 24

I bet you were pretty shocked. Yeah, I'll let myself out


Did anybody else go to the comments knowing one would say ouch?

Thanks for wasting first comment it could of been a shocking pun.

RandomUsername88 24

I bet you were pretty shocked. Yeah, I'll let myself out

Ouch that is going to leave a mark. Hope you feel better soon!

kirbs19 37

You can't catch a break can you? :(

I was fully expecting you to land in horse crap also.

That sucks OP, Good to see you're well enough to post this FML tho.

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wow, aren't you a little clumsy?