By Anonymous - United States
Today, was the first day of potty training for my toddler. While watching a "How to Potty Train" video, I noticed my toddler was making a weird face on the side of the couch. I walked over to her, picked her up and a big pile of poop dropped. FML
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If she's old enough that you're attempting to potty train her, then you should be able to recognize her pooping face by now.

And why the hell was her butt not covered?
If a pile of poop dropped, then YDI for not putting a diaper/pant on her.

Seriously, if you couldn't even think to do that, then how have you kept her alive all this time?

By  unfortunate_13  |  5

you should have started with just putting her on her potty once in a while to get used to it (after lunch and dinner for example). just starting from scratch will most likely confuse her :)

By  FYLDeep  |  25

Is the first half of the video how to shit, and the second half where? She might have gotten ahead of herself and only made it halfway through.

By  sourgirl101  |  28

Shit happens!(:

I potty trained my kiddies by giving them lots of fluids and letting them roam in our private back yard. I took the potty chair out there. We had snacks, read books and blew bubbles etc... They had so much to drink they had to pee quite offend. Success!