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Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend, when his sister knocked on the door and asked if she could borrow the zombie movie we were watching after we were done with it. We weren't watching a movie; I was just moaning. FML
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Boyfriend: Oh! Oh! Oh yeah! OP: Unnnhhh!!! Boyfriend: Yeah! You like that, baby? OP: BRAAAAAAAIIIIIINS!!


i thumbed myself down for embarrassing myself

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Well now you can eat your boyfriends "head".

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You were a brave solider to take the first comment! You blew it but you knew it! Your comment DIED!

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She could have come in ready to demolish the zombie attacking her brother... But I guess she hasn't played enough CoD for that.

yes yes i knew as soon as i hit send that i probably just should've kept it to myself. live and learn, eh?

Yeah, FML should really make a timer or something right after you post something, just incase you want to edit your post. Stupid that they don't, huh?

I love your sarcasm, I almost didn't notice it... But there was no need for it, at least they took the blame with their pride intacked.

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Intact.* I am not a grammar Nazi.

124 - Indeed! It appears you are a spelling Nazi.

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Number 118 ive read your profile im a true fan skyrim all the way the poem was by the The black sacrament (h8ters go ahead and thumbs down my reply)

sorry kyarush I tried thumby up and did down :(

I thumbed him up for you cause I saw some **** in your profile picture. Thanks :)

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I think the sister may have known that.

Not really. May have was right. Unless you were implying that she actually must have known. Then ignore this comment.

Or if you were replying to 2, I'm a noob and I look like an ass.

This conversation has just been a epic fail

Why wouldn't OP or her boyfriend say to not come in when there was a knock? They probably looked OP's sister in the eyes and finished like bosses.

Phew, good thing you pointed that out cause I didnt know if it would he awkward

26- where in the FML does it say that the sister walked in to the room and saw what they were doing? Read carefully, you're seeing words that aren't there.

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At least she didn't actually walk into the room.

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^ and people thought I was random... This comment made my head huuurt from all of the "ya?" in that comment! UGH!

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