By spencerlong - 25/04/2014 03:02 - United States - Kennewick

Today, I was texting a girl I like, explaining how she looks like an attractive celebrity. She responded with a picture of a very unattractive lady and asked if she looked like that. I told her if she had been caught in a burning building, then yes, that would look like her. It was of her mom. FML
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Hey guys. First off, I am very happy to have had this published, but I would like to clarify some things and clear the misunderstandings! My friends mom is not actually a burn victim, she just wasn't attractive at all and didn't resemble her daughter either. We had been texting previously, and she was sending me pictures of celebrities and asking if she looked like that. She then sent that picture of her mom, who was honestly very unattractive. I thought I was being clever with the whole "caught in a burning building" joke, but it was just the wrong time to use it. Believe me when I say I have nothing against burn victims, as that's seriously a weird thing to hate on. After I found out I apologized and she accepted, so everything is fine now! Thanks for taking the time to read this, I just wanted you guys to not think I'm some weird shallow guy who hates burn victims and is only after girls for their looks.

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afkwarrior 25

Looks like your chances with her just went up in smoke

i think thats a tad offensive to burn victims


First comment for the first time ^^ but, to stay on subject, that is just a really crappy situation :p

Hmmm. I would say that you deserved it because it is perceived as saying she's ugly and her mom is ugly! But if the girl can understand what he is saying, then i dunno

Well now would be the perfect time to play "Stacey's Mom" in the background....

JMichael 25

Either way you put it, it was quite rude OP. All you had to do was say "no, you're way more beautiful than that person." Feelings may have been spared.

This reminds me of that classical character test on first dates: Don't look at how your date treats you, look at how your date treats everyone else. Are they rude to the waiter/waitress, do they make mean comments about others, etc. By being that insulting about a seemingly random person, the OP has shown that he's a dick. He could've said something neutral, could've said something nice, instead he went with "looks like a burn victim". That's douchey.

#21 i wouldnt say the only reason people dont look like their mom is because theyre adopted. Someone may look like their dad? Or plenty of other reasons

I'd be offended if someone said that yes, I look like the picture of my mother. Not because my mother I don't think my mum's beautiful, she's gorgeous. But because she's 51 and I'm 23. Always think first, don't always say yes.

doodlebug17257 11

Well some people get very offended when their mom gets called ugly .

RedPillSucks 31

You'd be surprised how many "currently" unattractive moms were gorgeous when they were younger. OP is a dick simply for how he responded, as #25 said

i think thats a tad offensive to burn victims

ChristianH39 30

Yea I think OP deserved it pretty badly, that's ****** up

what isn't offensive to someone anymore?

ChristianH39 30

121 there's offensive humor, and then there are comments that are made in extremely bad taste.... This was one of the latter.

My previous comment is a perfect example of trying to portray sarcasm through the internet... lesson learned!

afkwarrior 25

Looks like your chances with her just went up in smoke

To be honest, if OPs ex friend-girl was good looking, than her mother must also be pretty hot... I'm going to hell.

For making a worldly observation? Probably not.

of all the things to say he picks the one that burns him!

Damn OP, that burns. I'd be a little more careful next time. Be weary of women. Some are out to get ya.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Wary is what you meant, actually. OP doesn't want to be tired. ;)

Thank you for pointing out my mistake! I know what I meant, might have been an autocorrect. My bad.

Hiimhaileypotter 52
Gtac08 2

He/she didn't realize it was the persons mom

doesn't matter, it was still rude and uncalled for, there was no reason to make a comment like that he should've just left it neutral.

oddities 20

10, yes, because that totally justifies insulting burn victims by calling them ugly and openly insulting a human being. Even if it hadn't been a picture of her mom, OP is a douche for that. It did do some good though, I'd say that girl dodged a bullet there.

The old adage rings true. "if you don't have anything nice to say...."

chaosmanfun 7

Number 48. Wait until they aren't around and say it behind their back?

Of course it was her mom! What did you think she'd text you a photo of a random woman?!

Yes, if I texted you a picture of a random man, would you say it was my dad? Hey guys look we got a *******, sorcerer over here!

Actually, yes. That's exactly what OP thought.

There would be a lot less FML posts if people actually followed this simple rule.