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Today, I confided in my best friend about my recent weight loss, and how it was due to lack of appetite because of my horrible depression and anxiety. She congratulated me. FML
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Hey, OP here. First off I want to thank everyone who gave me advice, it really means a lot. I'm in highschool still, so it's really difficult to get help without dragging my folks into this (which I really don't want to do) so honestly, every bit of advice helps! As for my friend, this was not a "looking for the positives to make you feel better" thing, it was definitely a "weight loss is always good no matter the method" thing. I am average weight, and honestly not really looking to lose any pounds right now, so the "compliment" wasn't taken by me in a good way, nor do I think it should have. I am constantly physically hungry, but the thought of eating often sickens me, and whenever I can stomach food, it's in small, unfulfilling amounts. It sucks, I have no energy, and my stomach is growling all the time. So yeah, this is is not a good weight loss method haha. However, I talked this through with my friend, and she now understands that what she said isn't helpful. In fact she now is one of the most caring people for me whenever I am having problems. I'm glad I chose to explain things to her a bit more:) Anyway, sorry this is so long winded! Thanks again for the advice and the kind words

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Perhaps try seeking out professional help?

man that sucks. try and get some help with what you're going through. good luck OP!


Perhaps try seeking out professional help?

Good luck with this OP! Seek help this is nothing to be taken lightly! And your best friend is a dick

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I think that would work better if the friend was male...

It can actually hurt a fair amount for a girl to get hit down there. Genital tissue is sensitive regardless of whether or not they're gonads. Even if it weren't, the pelvic bone isn't really that deep beneath the skin, and getting hit in a bone usually hurts; think of the last time you banged your shin on something, but amplified because of the sensitive area. No question that it hurts more for guys, but it's not like women have iron vaginas that are impervious to damage.

yes, but it still hurts if you do it right. I would suggest kicking

Iron vaginas I like that lol.

man that sucks. try and get some help with what you're going through. good luck OP!

I've had that happen to me. You got this OP! You're a strong person!❤

How do you know that?

You're depressed and have anxiety. I'm thinking your friend was just trying to point out the good. And that is something to do, focus on the positive in your life.

weight loss is not always a good thing. people are so obsessed with getting thinner, it's ridiculous.

True, but in the U.S. obesity is a far more prevalent problem.

Yeah but weight loss that comes with anxiety/depression is unhealthy, so there isn't really an "upside" unless you value looks over health.

I've lost a lot of weight due to depression and anxiety and I was a healthy weight before, now I'm sure I'm underweight. It's not a good thing. Even if you want to lose weight, not wanting to eat really isn't a healthy way of losing it. It's concerning and causes even more worry, the last thing you need is someone acting like its a good thing and kind of blowing off your worries.

even if op is or was obese, a lack of appetite due to depression is not a good way to lose weight. she doesn't get any nutrients if she doesn't eat. and even if obesity is the bigger problem in the us, that doesn't mean everybody needs to lose weight and we should ignore other problems.

I think op's friend is one of those people that value losing weight/being skinny over everything else. So in her mind the only part that she latched onto was the losing weight part and she actually thought that that was a good thing. Because to her losing weight is better than anything else. Sorry you're going through what you're going through op. Get professional help. And sorry your friend cares more about losing weight and being skinny at any cost, no matter the horrible way you got there. She obviously needs help herself as she's probably got major self confidence, self esteem, and body image issues.

Speaking as someone who has to actively work against gaining weight at all times, it can be really hard to stay out of the 'weight loss is always good' mindset. When you're always counting calories and minding intakes of everything, and you see a friend who has succeeded in what you wish to do, it's easy to forget it might not be what they want. It's not right that it happens, but it dows

She's just a half glass full kind of person I guess, op.

Well hopefully she is there for you, I'm sure she didn't mean anything bad about it but rather a positive outlook on things, maybe even trying to get your mind off of your depression. Anyway, wish you the best OP and stay strong! You'll get through it!! :)

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Well he/she is not very supportive

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You should have tried harder...