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Today, my boyfriend took me home for the first time. His place was covered in Insane Clown Posse stuff, even the toilet bowl. He's an undercover Juggalo. FML
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Even the toilet bowl? Well, on the bright side, you know he can commit to some things.

I hope you don't have a fear of clowns lol


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Juggalos are considered a gang in 3 states... ICP themselves even describe them pretty accurately in their song "What is a Juggalo?" OP ought to stay far, far away.

Being a juggalo does not mean you're in a gang

#18 yeah that gets annoying. Try comparing them to an actual gang like crips and bloods. It's just music.

They willingly call themselves juggalos ?

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#28 The juggalos that are gang members ARE an actual gang and are just as dangerous as Bloods and Crips.

Being in a gang is a whole other thing. Juggalos are people that listen to psychopathic records. Bands like icp, twiztid. It's like how Miley calls her fans smilers and lady gaga says monsters

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Well yeah not all of them are, but a good amount of the diehard juggalos have formed gangs, and these juggalos are some of the most insane people you will ever see in your life, so they are pretty damn dangerous. That's what they mean.

Thanks number 38. #35 ICP has spoken out about having gang activity, but that was when there were actual gang members that listened to ICP. No.. ICP is not a gang at all ,like the street gangs or prison gangs. Yes there are some "die hard" Juggalo fans just like there are "die hard" Beiber Belieber fans or "Little Monsters". There was Justin Bieber fans cutting themselves just because they thought Justin Beiber did it. If that isn't "die hard" enough for you then I don't know what is.

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#49 I didn't call ICP a gang. I know that they're just a band. I said that the very small percent of jigalos that are gang members are just as dangerous as Bloods and Crips. They're a bit more "die hard" than Belibers in the fact that they fight other gangs like MS-13 and commit crimes like murder and extortion.

#53 the same can be said for anyone. Anybody can be a murderer or extortionist, you wouldn't know. While Juggalos might be crazy in our eyes, last I heard almost every Raiders game has a stabbing, and even NCAA wins tend to come out with rioting in the city. Any fan can take it beyond what it is, and while ICP may be a horrible music group, at least in my eyes, labeling them as more is just wrong.

oh please. Juggalos are worldwide and look like everyone. There are 2 things that they have in common: 1-Life is a joke, laugh at it. 2-Everything looks prettier with facepaint. Their subject matter is hostile and violent but no matter how much we wish to "stab people, 4 or 5 people everyday", we dont. Violent Jay hasn't either. And as much as some dont believe it, they preach acceptance and equality more than Bieber or Miley does anyway.

Yeah my roommate when I got to my Navy A School was a juggalo...and his constant makeup every weekend didn't exactly help him settle in... Man he kept getting in trouble though. He woke up late one day and came in to work with his uniform on...and makeup everywhere hahahaha

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No, it just means you are a retard with really crappy taste in music and no personality of your own 18.

#53 there are a few Juggalos that have joined some sort of gang. But committing crimes like murder and extortion can be said about anyone. It's just the fact of who those percentage of Juggalos "hang out" with. They make ICP look bad as well as other fans.

Juggalos are just a bunch of misunderstood faggots... Even the band members are nothing but a pair of nut sacks themselves. Painting your face like a clown, wearing baggy clothes and making stupid gang sings doesnt make them gang members, but just flaming creeps in desperate need of attention and lots of gay sex... And while on the subject, have they figured out how ******* magnets work, or do they still chalk it up to magic?

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Can people who say jugglos are not gang member please explain that to the people I went to high school with. They passed down their prized possession, a hatchet, and did commit crime. To "get in" you had to prove your love of ICP and insanity by having sex with the hatchet holder.

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I'm laughing way too hard at this shit right now. NoFlippinWai, rock on. You said it well. I'm actually going to a Twiztid signing today :D. I'm a Juggalette, been down for years. OP, this is definitely not an FML. You should be happy because he's confident with himself and knows exactly who he is and has an amazing support system around him. And is notttt in a gang lmfao. I can't believe people still think that's true. Well, let me correct myself. It's always possible he's in a gang, but if he is, it's not because of the fact he's a juggalo.

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150- Lol I've never heard that before. Then again, I don't know much about them.

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i heard ronald mcdonald was the first juggalo

Well, Shaggy2Dope is Ronald's half-brother I think.

Even the toilet bowl? Well, on the bright side, you know he can commit to some things.

If it didn't matter up until this point. It shouldn't matter at all

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I don't care who you are. If you find out your significant other does something that creeps you out you have every right to not like them anymore. It's part of getting to know happens

And if that was the first time she had been there I would assume they hadn't been dating for long so no biggie

So if you went to your new boyfriends house for the first time and found a kkk hood in his closet next to his robes it wouldn't change anything. Sorry for the drastic comparison.

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@4 I love the way you think. The little things in life don't matter, as long as you really love someone. If you happen to stumble upon the trap door to your significant others secret murder/ torture chamber one day, where they've hidden all the bodies and weapons they used to kill them... Well... That doesn't change anything. After all, everything you've felt up until that point was real, and that's what really matters. What they do in their spare time, and who they stalk, kidnap, then torture to death, should never get in the way of what's really important; true love.

Omg shut up. She was just making a point of of him being a juggalo shouldn't affect their relationship. Quit acting like a nutcase.

4, Dexter tried that on Deb. It doesn't work that way.

@22 that isn't that dramatic of a comparison!

@32 I agree... no need to be turning into sappy romance novel!

Wow OP that sounds Shitty, at least he wasn't the other type of juggalo!

Word of advice, don't ever use the word shitty in a comment here. Ever.

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What other type of juggalo is there anyway?

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31- Because a toilet was mentioned.

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#37 I think #5 was confusing juggalo with gigolo. Two VERY different things.

The word they were confusing Juggalo with is Giggalo.(I am pretty sure thats how you spell it)

myeviltwin 20

Nope it is spelled gigolo. I had to google it to get the correct spelling.

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I think you meant a jiggalo which is a male prostitute.

No, they had it right with gigolo. That is the correct spelling.

I hope you don't have a fear of clowns lol

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those would be so creepy at night and when you get

skyttlz 32

When I was reading this I expected it to end with op having a phobia of clowns.

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Why didn't you just type that into google instead?

A band ? Oh my, I thought they were just saying something called a clown posse was insane.

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Quit clowning around with us, OP. There's no posse-ble way you suspected? That's insane!

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I just facepalmed so hard, but I love your comment.