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By  Callyn  |  47

Why should he pay for you? Do you switch off paying? Do you not have a job? He was wrong in calling you fat, but you were wrong expecting him to pay for you.

By  boatkicker  |  4

He doesn't have to pay for you, and unless he said he would, you shouldn't expect him to.

But if he's not paying for you, then he doesn't get to decide what you eat. And it's certainly never polite to tell someone they should be on a diet.

  iSwag  |  0

haha sorry but that's hilarious...well you can't say he isn't honest with you. why is that when a guy is fat, a girl can call him fat with no problem but when a girl is fat, and I guys says something even remotely suggestive of that fact, it's one of the seven deadly sins?

OP if you're overweight how much nicer do you want him to say it? if you continue to gain weight don't be surprised when he's no longer attracted to you


you don't know that OP is fat... for all we know, she could be a healthy weight and her bf could be one of those assholes that likes anorexic looking girls. not enough info to draw assumptions.

I'm gonna say FYL for having bf who's like that, and YDI for having. bf who's like that.

  Batman4890  |  0

i used to be fat; so people called me fat so i lost weight cos i didn't like being called fat. So i think its a good thing calling people fat cos if you ignore it the fat person might as well and could raise any kids they have to be fat as well, but it's only mean if you are calling them fat to try and upset them; which i admit most of the time thats why you call someone fat but not all the time.

  idkweird  |  0

#36: Not everyone responds the way you do. When my ex would start in on me, I would dig my feet in and proceed to do nothing in response. I'd also binge eat whenever he wasn't around because I didn't have to deal with him asking if I was going to eat something he didn't approve of.

He was similar to you in your thought process. "If I see something that I don't like, then I just change it." Well, when I'm constantly being told "you HAVE to change it," Im basically going to respond with a big, "Fuck you." I know it only hurts me, but I'd rather have some extra pounds than be trying to lose them to please someone else.

You got to make the choice to make the change. When you're being told you have to, that choice gets taken away. It doesn't get to just be about you and your personal choices anymore.


#13, it is one thing to tell someone politely to lose weight. It's a completely different thing to PUBLICLY humiliate someone. AND who the fuck ever said it was okay for a girl to call a guy fat? You are a douche! Grow a pair. Learn respect.

  iSwag  |  0

Idkweird and mrspitiful: I agree.

Fingertips: How can you say that when a lot of guys are constantly in the gym so they don't get fat...yea I think they probably don't but then again the average slob doesn't. Oh and don't call me " ur little princess" ever again. That particular type of shit talking only works in person...this is the Internet and you sound like a child molester

  Batman4890  |  0

but were you really fat? Cos i read your other response and we do weights differently here and i cba converting it :L sorry :( but in my case people wouldn't even talk to me cos i was fat now everyone is all over me even tho I'm the same person.. and I know they sound like dicks but they are better than having no friends.

  TempestJones  |  0

I have to say FYL that happened OP, but if you didn't get rid of him directly afte that then YDI for allowing yourself to be a doormat. People gain weight as they get older, period so saying "you should stay fit or they'll lose interest" is so BS. I am not skinny, nor fat... I am a chick. I DONT give a shit how others view me.. I am healthy and curvy in all the right places, and diff people find diff body styles attractive. You should love someone for who they are, and not how they look...

  idkweird  |  0

#52: Ummm, I used some online calculator to try and convert. It says 135 lbs = 61.2kg or 9.6 stones. Naw, I wasn't fat. I was pretty average.

Funny part was, over the 4 years, I gained 40 I did become overweight. For some reason, though, the weight looked good on me. When I broke up with my ex, he got pissed and told me that I was fat and a slob and that no one would want me, basically. I felt really bad about myself until I started going out and guys were hitting on me left and right. All of a sudden, I had an overabundance of guys interested, whereas before when I was skinny, they wanted nothing to do with me. (Did WORLDS for my self-esteem)

  flcl2  |  2

don't be retarded, a guy doesn't only says that if the girl is fat. if ur healthy, when was the last time ANY guy said u were fat, fatty?

  reyemrein  |  0

@41. Having that mindset will continue to make you gain weight. You will eventually become so fat that no women will want to have kids with you. Your idiotic mindset will not be passed on. Evolution wins.

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

77 stfu I think she's gorgeous. I have some pudge on me and yes, I'd love to be thinner, but when I try to, I become OBSSESED with it. I count calories, work out and focus just on working out, it's horrible. I'm not overweight at all. last summer I lost like 10lbs and gained 7 back. I looked nice then but I think my boobs look better at my weight now haha

  idkweird  |  0

#77: I'm a woman, first of all.

Also, I don't necessarily have that mindset when I don't have people pushing the issue. I actually let my loved ones know that, too. I tell them that they need to leave me alone on the subject or else it will have the opposite effect. Do I want to lose weight? Absolutely, but I refuse to do it for anyone but myself. I shouldn't HAVE to do it for anyone but myself. Im also not going to do crash diets that people want me to do. I want to do it the right/healthy way. The healthy way takes time, and I can't have people freaking out on me because it's not on their timetable.

I guess, luckily for me, I have a gorgeous boyfriend who doesn't care what I weigh. When you have someone who doesn't judge you on your weight, it's a lot easier to lose it for yourself :)

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I agree with both sides.
We SHOULD encourage our girlfriends/wives to lose weight, but not for appearance.

If i see my (rhetorical) girlfriend starts eating unhealthily and I thonk it's harmful to her health, I will tell her. But if she gains some pounds from the time we start dting and she eats the same, it's just her metabolism slowing down. In that case, I'd ignore it until it seems like she should at least exercise to feel better about herself and her body.

It's not wrong for a guy to point this things out, but there's a time and a place for it, as well as other limits.

  happyhak  |  5

So because your friends boyfriends are paying for them you expect the same thing? What are you? Some whiny bitch? Their boyfriends probably offered. If yours didn't then that obviously means he is not stupid enough to throw money at you just for a damn meal! "Today, my boyfriend wouldn't pay for my meal. FML" Geez, pay for your own damn meal, hes already got his to pay for. And he probably suggested the diet menu for you because you constently nag him to give you money for something as cheap as a meal.

  chicken_lover  |  2

ugh i hate guys like that. i was going out with this one guy and at the time i weighed 95 pounds. i was 1 pound away from being considered underweight, and he said i was fat. so i stopped eating and got down to 85 pounds and he still said i was fat.

so op's boyfriend could just be an asshole. some guys are crazy and want anorexic girls.

nobody should call anyone fat, it's just rude. if someone you care about is overweight, it's okay to bring it up, when you're alone, and say you care about them and maybe they could go to the gym with you sometime or something. but what her boyfriend said was just out of line. very rude and in front of her friends.

FYL, op. have a talk with him and tell him that was rude, and if he doesn't change then you can either decided to stay with him and write a bunch of fmls or you can go be happy with someone else.

good luck

  iSwag  |  0

dancetildawn: public humiliation? I didn't read where he announced it to everyone. Once again, quit making assumptions about the FML that aren't there. I'm pretty sure had he said it loud enough for everyone to hear it, it'd be a lot worse and would be part of the FML. And everyone knows 'unprovoked Internet shit talking' is only done by those who don't have a "pair" to stand up for themselves in person. That being said, whether you're a scary bitch of a guy or the fat bitch that doesn't shower and eats to deal with "emotional stress" STFU. I don't know who ate the last Twinkie but it wasn't me so calm down

  FYLvsYDI  |  0

I think that if someone does not hav the decency to take care of their body they r fat

also there r different genes take a picture compare it to wen ur parents were that age 98% of the time u will look like twins

  happyhak  |  5

#118, you are my idol, man! You got it right there! You are completely right!

Women expect non-sexism, when they have small perks hidden on their side themselves (E.g- Double Standards etc.)

  AndreaHaha  |  0

I agree with mrspitiful
I don't think judge people
if there fat or too skinny or whatever
I mea. you telling them doesn't help
don't you think they already know if there
big or too skinny. I think so..

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I wonder if they normally pay for their own food and she just wanted him to pay because her friends' bfs paid. If so, YDI for expecting him to compete with them.

Also, did he say "You're fat so get a diet dish" or did he suggest a particular dish that happened to be on the diet menu?

  HookEmTexas07  |  0

Hint girls: When you make a guy pay for you, he's going to expect something in return. Expecting a guy to pay just because he's a guy makes you come across as a needy bitch. FHL for having to put up with your shit.

By  FingerTips  |  0

i Think guys should pay, but the girl should not expect it from us! like we have to or something! and she should be thankfull! and a guy should never call a girl fat

  Howlingwolf  |  0

I believe the op should reconsider her relationship. At the very least he could have
offered to split the price with her. But jus cuZ
he suggested the diet menu doesn't mean
he's Intenionaly calling her fat. Guys kno
how girls worry about their body, but mayb it
wasn't the best thing to say in public xP

  Freeze_fml  |  16

Damn straight, 48.

Women have worked hard to gain the same rights as men, yet some still request these special privileges.

Guys can be courteous if they want to. Can't stand those kind of women that insist "ladies go first" and so on as if it's some preordained right.