By Anonymous - 23/12/2016 08:23

Today, I had guests over for a Christmas party. One of them wore new blue jeans and managed to get large dye stains on three different walls. They won't come off. Guess who has to paint his living room again. FML
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I'm interested in seeing what his legs look like...

Uh no I think THEY need to be painting your walls


I hope the new paint job will be to dye for.

maybe he was drunk

Do I want to ask how he managed to pull that off on 3 walls?

You've just got some painting to do. Don't you feel sorry for the person who can't take off their new pants?

He's gonna look Purdy Smurfy

I'm interested in seeing what his legs look like...

Have you tried a Mr clean magic eraser? I've never had a stain on the wall I couldn't remove with one of those.

Or, Mr Hammer. You'll never see the stain again!

How that person managed to get dye on 3 different walls is nothing less than impressive

I bet his legs are dyed worse than your walls. :3

Use bleach it turns blue jeans color transparent...

use a magic eraser