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Today, my boyfriend told me to completely shave off all of my already-groomed pubic area because, "It looks so unnatural." Ignoring the obvious lack of logic, I asked him why he keeps his totally ungroomed. Turns out "Men having hair is okay. Women aren't supposed to, though." FML
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It's sad how many men genuinely believe this. I've known guys in the past who truly thought women don't grow pubic hair, and that the ones who do have some sort of disorder or testosterone problem. :/ It's ok to have preferences. But you're a douchebag as soon as you tell a woman she is "unnatural" for having hair down there. And you're a double-douchebag if you want your girlfriend to groom herself, while you yourself don't.

To quote the great Stoya, "If you think pubic hair on a woman is unnatural or weird, you aren't mature enough to be touching vaginas."


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You can run, but you can't hide from the thumbs. ;)

Then honestly why comment? I have no idea why people are like "oh I know people are going to hate this comment... Ima say it anyways." True thumbs don't matter a lot, but why comment shit comments like that?

DKjazz 20

Come on guys, it's satire. You always see these two comments on any given relationship FML, even though everybody hates these comments. He was poking fun at that senseless trend for effect.

assassinbanana0 20

Just because he is fixated on what ****, and also society, believe is right, doesn't mean you should break up with him. How about instead of running from the problems, you face them and get over them together. Breaking up with someone for something like that is stupid. Yes, he is stupid for believing it, but leaving him would make you stupid also. Just work out the problems.

RedPillSucks 31

I don't believe robotiick7 was actually advocating a breakup. He was simply suggesting that those are the typical comments you see in the relationship FMLs so he tossed them out there to get it over with. You may argue whether the comment was actually funny (I thought it was), but it's not hard to understand the sentiment behind the comment.

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Fixated on ****? I don't watch ****( I know, we are all shocked) and I have the expectation of my future wife to be shaved while I am not. Honestly if I am presented women who shave everything already: legs, armpits, mustaches, etc. Why wouldn't I expect them to shave down there?

#132- I had no clue we shave our moustaches! I always thought there was a magical mustache removing fairy for women!

ineedalogin 19

Maybe they won't shave anything. Legs, armpits, moustaches, or down there. Would that help?

#132- I'm sorry, but the wording "presented with a woman..." Just bothers me. It sounds sexist. Although I can understand where you're coming from, and how it would make sense. And why not ask your (general term, not specifically pointed at you) girlfriend if she would like you to shave? That seems a lot more fair, since she would have a say in the matter, and I've noticed that men generally expect women to be shaved, without shaving themselves. Seems more fair to me. And personally, I don't mind hair. It's more natural, and seeing a girl completely hairless (or anyone, really, with pubes) reminds me of children. It creeps me out, when I think about it. Hope I didn't piss anyone off with this comment!

And here come all the comments from all the sexually repressed and socially inept hairy woman! @168 I've that dumb childish excuse "ew it looks like children" way too many times, and I find it insulting and aggressively stupid. If you are going to defend your stupid bush then just say "I like having a big hairy bush", rather than take the typical Fox News route of piling up multiple idiotic irrelevant excuses.

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Because hill Williams cover their lawns in cars, and the al Qaeda live in a desert I'll file this one in the not funny folder..

2, this seems like an off day for you. Check out early. Go home, put your feet up and start fresh tomorrow.

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2. you succeeded in bringing prejudice and racism into a pubic hair thread. incredible. not.

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He's probably a pedophile on the side.

Some girls are actually getting plastic surgery on their vaginas because without hair they vaginas look too big.

Nope. It's gross and should be shaved. Especially on women.

inthedopeshow 17

There's nothing wrong with having a preference for no hair down there, but OP's boyfriend shouldn't be a dick with his "logic" and if OP wanted him to trim or something in return, he should be willing to compromise as he is asking of her...

@37 Seriously? You're calling a guy a pedophile for not liking hairy women? So 99% of guys are pedophiles? Seems legit bro! -.-

Wizardo 33

Watching **** does that to you, it twists your perception of what is acceptable and right in relationships and sex, a sad state of affairs.

Except most male **** stars at least trim, they don't let it turn into a jungle either. So he's still a dumbass for thinking she has to shave but he doesn't.

MerrikBarbarian 9

21- depends on the **** and your intelligence level to know what is and isn't realistic. Sometimes watching **** with a partner can be great for inspiration of new things to try or opening up dialog on turn ons and turn offs. It shouldn't be your sole source of information on sex, but it isn't universally a bad thing.

No, stupid people let **** twist their logic and mind. I have watched WAY too much **** and have a healthy respect for women, different sizes, shapes, hair or not. It is the avenue of a douche-nozzle to use **** as the excuse to be a prick.

It's sad how many men genuinely believe this. I've known guys in the past who truly thought women don't grow pubic hair, and that the ones who do have some sort of disorder or testosterone problem. :/ It's ok to have preferences. But you're a douchebag as soon as you tell a woman she is "unnatural" for having hair down there. And you're a double-douchebag if you want your girlfriend to groom herself, while you yourself don't.

Beyond that, it's actually really unhealthy and unsanitary to shave off your pubic hair- it's there for a reason. And there's always a risk of ingrown hairs, which is not what you want on your soft tissue.

Amen. Twice. Double Amen! OP should've held her ******** boyfriend down and shaved off all his pubes.

I dated a guy like this, he told me it's gross for girls to have hair but its okay that he does. He didn't even groom his facial hair or take showers or brush his teeth. *shivers* I'm glad I dumped him

RedPillSucks 31

I'm not sure anyone would publish stuff like that (meaning it's not a surprise that you wouldn't have heard about it). Unfortunately, personal hygiene is a bit of a wash (no pun intended). People do all sorts of crazy things. Plus, the potential accidents from having a razor down there (as you can guess, I don't normally shave, nor interact with shaved ladies). Personal preference is fine, just be rational about it, I guess.

janelly16 7

Actually, I was watching this doctor show a while ago and a gynecologist mentioned that it is a lot healthier to groom down there.

They probably meant groom as in to keep it neat, not make it look like a plucked chicken. True, a big bush of unwashed pubes can harbor a lot of bacteria, and you don't want it long enough to braid. But keeping it on the shorter side and neat is more hygienic for some people.

I remember reading an FML once about a guy who was mad because he went to his girlfriend's house and her legs weren't shaved because she didn't know he was going to visit. According to his logic, no matter what, we should ALWAYS have our legs shaved because "it's gross."

Actually, you would be surprised at the consequences. Here's some of what I've found through some research: The main, if not only, health benefit seems to be a decrease in pubic lice in the general population. With the health disadvantages, first you have to consider the risks of using a sharp object to remove hair from your genital region, not as much of a problem if you wax. The amount of genital shaving-related injuries that are serious enough to put you in the emergency room have increased fivefold in the last 10 years. Also, it is apparently not uncommon that if you are really always shaved for a prolonged period of time, the constant friction in your genital area that your hair was supposed to protect you from can cause the appearance of your genitalia to change over time, with the skin becoming thicker, darker and tougher. Most of all, no matter what you do to get rid of the hair, you always cause tiny injuries to the skin, which actually do significantly increase the risk of not only potentially serious infection, but STDs and other diseases. Especially the STD molluscum contagiosum, a type of pox virus, thrives on these injuries and has become much more common, spreading easily from one infected individual through the wounds of the partner. Research also indicates that these tiny injuries significantly increase the odds of a herpes infection, as well as the spread of HPV, diseases which can cause genital warts. Not harmless at all, if you ask me. Even condoms can't protect you from contracting these diseases through your skin.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Though... Shaving is probably better than embarrassing calls for help when your girlfriend's tongue ring gets caught. :p but really I think both the benefits and risks are overstated. If someone wants to shave/wax/whatever power to them. If they want a jungle? Same deal.

@75 that is the saddest and stupidest excuse for a bush I have ever heard. You're saying being hairless is unhygienic ??? What about the absolute cesspool of bacteria that having a bush causes, especially considering you shit and piss through it. Absolutely disgusting. Im guessing you're a virgin because noone would go down on someone with that, yuck. There was a girl I knew, and she was hairy as hell down there, and when she got intimate with a guy he stopped, left, and told everyone and now shes a laughing stock. People defending this grotty habit need to learn some social skills.

Ok, you might not like girls with bushes, but not every girl who has a bush fits into *your* stereotyping. They're not all socially inept, and quite frankly you don't have to be shaven to be clean. You can let your hair grown naturally - everywhere if that's your preference - and if you bother to clean properly you will be hygienic. Also, I hope you apply all this "logic" to both genders. And the 99% you mentioned before, where did that come from? And is it just about preference or for those who will not go near anything other than completely hairless? And I think the guy in your story completely over-reacted, especially by telling everyone and only makes him seem like a complete knob.

@176 I expect vigorous trimming at the least, you know like the hollywood style. Simple truth is, hair looks disgusting down their, even if you blast it with drain cleaner, its still gonna look nasty. If girls cant be bothered to try and present nicely to the opposite sex, why would we be interested? If someone is unhygenic down there and a guy gets shocked by it, its gonna get out. All she had to to do was trim it a bit so her parts didnt look like it was from a she-boon. Its like brushing your teeth, no its not natural, but humans have better standards than animals, especially when oral sex can be involved.

Megan639 16

#101 You're more exposed to STDs and pubic lice when you have no pubic hair. Infections grow in the small cuts you can't see.

Tell him that you don't shave until he does

KiddoKS 19

I agree. I'd even stop trimming so he can see what "natural" really is.

Zack6849 8

queue "welcome to the jungle"

Obviously he's been looking at way too muc- *looks at your username* WELL, THERE YA GO.

I vote you don't shave anywhere until he does.

perdix 29

You should groom yourself "down there" according to his preference only when he does the same for you. If he doesn't believe in basic fairness, you need to move on. By the way, unless he's into vintage 70's ****, most of the guys are sporting the pubic baldness look.

Your dedication to the sex field is commendable, Perdix.

bingbongbingbong 11
bingbongbingbong 11

No I know a lot about women! And idiots like OPs boyfriend who have no understanding of the natural beauty every woman has without needing nipping and tucking on every inch of their body to achieve a 'socially' acceptable example of 'beauty'.

if he's into 70's ****, shouldn't he be used to her being hairy aswell? he's just a douchebag. OP, make sure you don't shave untill he does. (or stops whining)

To quote the great Stoya, "If you think pubic hair on a woman is unnatural or weird, you aren't mature enough to be touching vaginas."

perdix 29

#14, to quote the great Burger King, "Have it your way." Couples ought to coif down there in the way that pleases each other -- but it has to be mutual.

RedPillSucks 31

pube-do.... I like that. I think I'll open a chain of "stylist" shops and name it "pube-do". Sorry, you get no money for the naming rights.