By kdehshaden - 30/04/2012 08:25 - United States

Today, after a lot of begging, I finally convinced my husband to shave all of his pubes off. Now I can't even look at it without laughing, and he's mad at me for making him do it. FML
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Thats just ****** up. You push him to do something he obviously didn't want to do, then you laugh at him for it.

I'd be pissed too. You convince him to do something and then laugh at him for it? Not okay.


Poor husband! Try and make it up to him :)

Alwayspullout 7

Agreed, your fault OP...

YDI. Find a way to make it up to him ;)

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KrazyKatz3 26

It's a much better look than a damn jungle down there....

Come on really? Your the one who wanted So don't ****** laugh. Fuck your husbands life

60, I'm a 90's kid and I like mine. On myself and women; sorry ladies who shave, I'm not a pedobear.

They're pubes, they grow back. I bet these were 60's kids. They loved their pubes.

63: You like your pubes on women? I see what you did there ;)

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challan 19

We talk about pubes a lot on here... Lol :) My waxer tells me that she waxes more men now then women! I like myself bald and men very closely trimmed, but not bald.

No 66, you did NOT see what I did there. Since it must be spelled out for you, I am 19, and I prefer a woman who keeps a natural bush. Go ahead, sue me for growing up in the wrong generation. And 69, men and women made it millenia without shaving being mainstream. And being sanitary is just that, being sanitary. Shaving doesn't suddenly make you "more clean," you can shave and still be unsanitary with yourself. Just like a woman who doesn't shave isn't suddenly "dirtier," no matter what a woman does, it's up to them to keep down their clean, shaving or not isn't a factor. Until just recently, and I'm not sure there are studies to prove it one way or another, it was actually seen as more sanitary for a woman not to be cleanly shaven/waxed, because that hair is designed to keep bacteria out of more sensitive areas. This applies to men and women alike, it just isn't as mainstream for men to be clean shaven (though I know it is becoming more common to trim it short

"... I like mine. On myself and women." the way that's worded implies that you like your pubes pressed against women. He was kidding. No need to go on a dick shaving rant there, Buzz Killington.

Followed by "sorry ladies who shave." Also, since you seem to have missed it, the latter like 3/4 of my comment was in response to the person saying that shaving is more sanitary. On my phone, at least, comments have gotten jumbled and numbers mixed up, so the numbers may be throwing things off on who I meant my comments to

clarissasyima 7

It was a joke calm down..

You seem like the hardest person in the world to get along with

I so agree with you^ People think its so much better to be bald down their. I like to have a little bush to help clean me:)

Yup agreed your the reason he is in that state now you can make him feel better about the way YOU made him feel. Your husband deserved a steak and BJ at least

Oh Ddrigr. The joke. ------------- Your head. He mad.

Why does everyone think I am pissed off because I spent more than 30 seconds typing a one line response? I didn't realize that a bit of text = RAGE!!!!!!!!! For that, I appologize, and much of the misunderstand would be that none of you know me, or that, even on the internet, I tend to respond with more than a oneliner. Figured the lack of !!!!!one111!!!one and vilgarity would make me come across as calm as I actually am.

Fishinaddict22 1

Drigr- why you mad bro?

Thers a troll in the dungeon!!!!!!

I HATE having hair down there. It's nasty, and I don't think guys who like girls that shave are pedos. And if you like 'em all natural then women you date, don't shave their legs, armpits, mustache, that's just not right.

133- So apparently having hair anywhere is disgusting. Who are you to judge lifestyle choices?

RedPillSucks 31

Yeah! I like my women bald all over! Bald head, bald eyebrow, no lashes, no armpit hair, leg hair. Especially no arm hair, toe hair, and boob hair. Remember the chick in the first Startrek movie? Or the conehead movie? Now there's a turn-on.

Don't be hairy, shave your fairy

I love it when men are cleanly shaved. But, that poor bloke! He didn't even want to do it in the first place and you mock him when he does? Very harsh; you've got a lot of sucking up to do (if you catch my drift).

I like it when men/women keep themselves clean, but that's just me.

One time I put my hand down a girls pants, and it came right back out again cause it was being sucked in by a raging vortex of hair. Shave that shit women.

Guys calm down and stop hating on each other :)

Suck his Penis!

146- Learn to read and follow your own advice. Thankyou.

#133 Mustache??? Dang... I don't shave my face! That can't be normal.. No offense.

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Don't think the husband was streaking to begin with... Unless you're talking about when he's around her. Then I'd agree.

Well apparently she said she "can't even look at it without laughing", so I'm assuming he's not wearing pants or anything of that sort.

Well, seeing as they obviously live together, one might assume they see each other naked at least once a day (showering, changing, etc). That's probably when she sees it, and laughs each time.

Thats just ****** up. You push him to do something he obviously didn't want to do, then you laugh at him for it.

My bad 3. I would change my comment, but I can't edit from my phone.

We posted at the same time, its not like you are comment number 84, replying to comment 1, with the same thing I said to try and get thumbs.

I'd thumb up your comment but I don't want to change it from +69 LOL

kelic 0


I'd be pissed too. You convince him to do something and then laugh at him for it? Not okay.

I'd be double pissed. Just say to her "since I shaved my pubes, can you shave your mustache?". If she does it, laugh in her face. That would get her back for sure.

Women are ****** up. They say they want a nice guy, but then they go for a douche bag asshole. They say personality matters more than looks, but they go to great lengths to look good and look for an attractive guy. They tell you to shave your pubes, then laugh at you after doing it. It will NEVER logically make sense.

I didn't realize Op spoke for the female population. Watch out! We are all gonna try and use our scary ****** magic to force the sub standard male species into baldness around their Wang... And then laugh, while running away with a more attractive guy. Women.

Your attempt at sarcasm was terrible. Also considering some of the more recent FML's are about wives cheating on their husbands I'm not surprised. Most girls I've known and dated have cheated on their significant others. No duh she doesn't represent the whole female population but I can guarantee that almost every guy here has a story about a woman doing something messed up. OP asked her husband to shave his pubes, laughed at him and then says that HER life is ******? What?! How does that work? We guys have our faults too don't get me wrong. It's just that it seems to me that most girls don't know what they want. Girls date douche bag guys who beat them up and then the girls are surprised when said douche bag cheats. Giving the real nice men a bad rap.

SOME girls say they want a nice guy then date wankers* Generalization is so annoying -_-

I was kidding :) I truly don't take this site that serious, as it is meant to be funny for the most part.

They don't date douchebag guys who beat them up. They date seemingly nice guys who turn into douchebags that beat them up, generally after they feel emotionally invested so then they don't want to leave (or maybe they're scared of leaving). Not saying that's ALL girls, but the majority don't happily waltz into a douchebags arms knowing what he is.

theonlysweetpea 10

#123 I'm happy to report that I do

They date douchebags cause they friendzone the nice guys. Do you have any idea how many of my female friends come running to me because they are fighting with their bf, eventually break up, seek comfort in me, tell me I'm a great guy to them, then skip right over me and go to the next ass hole, leaving the cycle to repeat itself?

Petunia888 13

I love how most of the people that argued with 82 are WOMEN!

142, I've been down that road too. It's insane and you're the one with your arms in the air like "Hello! Nice respectable guy right here!" But they just don't see it. :/ Psh

cheekykiki 3

Not all girls are like that. I love my husband very much and have complete respect for him. I despise cheats and liars and women who treat men in this way. A lot of the girls that do stuff like this hide behind a face full of makeup and when they take it off they are ugly not only on the outside but also on the inside. They don't deserve to have decent men.

Honestly 82, you say you're a "nice, respectable guy" but you're calling all women stupid based on the story/and the ones you know and trashing the hell out of them. Sorry, but that isn't exactly "nice" - no wonder girls don't like you back. And even if you are a nice guy and we're just seeing a bad side of you, you being friend zoned isn't necessarily because of women being assholes, but maybe because THEY WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND. Seriously, I know being friend-zoned hurts (I've been there- guys do it to girls too, you know), but you shouldn't be bitter about it. She isn't obligated to love you just because you're nice to her. (Sorry if I'm rambling, but I find the friend zoning thing really ridiculous.) Although the pube thing was stupid, and I agree she deserved it… SOME women are ****** up, I agree with that. (:

Franz, the thing with friendzoning that gets to guys is when its the girls we want to be with and they are always saying "you're such a great guy, why can't I find a guy like you???" then we are like "I'm a guy like me!" and they go "Wtf! No! You're my friend!" then they go date someone else, break up, and come back to telling us how they wish they could find a guy with us but for whatever reason we aren't enough like "us" for them.

163 it is because we aren't attractive to them.

It's because attraction is more than just finding a nice, polite, awesome guy. There has to be that "spark". I've met plenty of guys I wished I could love in that way because they are great people, but love doesn't work that way (at least not in my case). It's a huge combination of factors that makes one attractive to another, and sometimes you're simply not attracted to someone that seemingly ticks all the boxes. It's not that we "friendzone" (god, I hate that word) people because we're blind to how great a person you are, the attraction is just not there.

Yet somehow, these complete **** sticks that they are with, and constantly complaining about not checking ANY of these boxes, check the only one we don't, the only one that apparently matters. And guys like myself don't have the friend zone issue with just one woman, its many, thankfully I've finally found the one woman whose final box I managed to check.

Capt_Awesome137 0

163-One of the biggest pain in the butts right there

kelic 0

So true! And FYI we don't know what we want!! And most girls go for nice looking shallow guys all the time! Im sure they find them in A bar somewhere!! Cuz that's a great place to pick up a guy! (insert sarcasm) I'm taken- and with one of the good guys! Good luck in ur search!

Off subject but I spy with my little eye, some tig ol bits.

@189 - that's the problem with falling in love with someone. Sometimes you just don't see their bad sides anymore and they seem all perfect... Until later when you find out they're complete assholes. That's why I personally don't start dating until the most intense time of that "being in love" is over so I can have more realistic view at people :p.

210, did this guy already have a reputation as an ass hole though? Friendzoned guys usually see their crushes going for guys that are smokin hot but already have a reputation as a total ass hat. Hell I see that with people I have no interest in, like my sisters. I have one sister who knows some total douche bags, yet about once or twice a month, she gives one of them another chance, this has been happening for over a year, with the same like 4 guys

Franz I understand how I could look like not a nice guy right now. But you have to understand that I've never cheated, never physically abused women. I've been the type of guy that will get flowers for a girl and randomly tell her throughout the day that she's pretty or that I'm thinking of her. It's not like I'm a doormat but I try to do the right things and I still get burned. So to say that because I'm saying these things about SOME women that I think are wrong and for you to ASSUME that I'm not a nice guy for venting about it is stupid. But like I said look at all these guys on this post telling their stories of the same stuff I'm taking about. I'm not the only one that thinks these things.

222: I understand venting about being rejected, since it does indeed suck balls. But venting about women themselves isn't fair; it's not like they friend-zone you for fun and really, when you look at it fairly, it isn't anyone's "fault"- it just ends up sucking for you guys. Honestly, is it not better for someone to be rejected than lied to? If every chick pretended to be attracted to every guy that liked her things obviously wouldn't turn out well, so it's for the best sometimes. And sorry, but I still don't think you're a nice guy if you can't see the girl's point of view here- I know actual nice guys, and they're usually pretty understanding. (And no, I've never friend zoned any of them, before anyone tries to suggest that.) Overall, I just think complaining about chicks not liking you despite being a nice guy that deserves love is like complaining about not winning the lottery despite being poor. Sure, it would be well-deserved, but that doesn't mean you're entitled to it nor does it mean you'll get it. As for girls saying, "I want a guy like you!" I guess it has to do with attraction, although I'm not gonna lie, I'm a chick and I don't understand that one. A previous commenter mentioned a "spark," so I suppose that's how it is for some people- just like how you guys don't like every girl friend you hang out with even if they're cool people, girls aren't going to like every guy. /essay

There Is know way im reading all that. ^

Idc who asks me i wont do it

#142 I have a joke for you, How many friend-zoned guys does it take to change a lightbulb? None. They'll all just compliment it, then get mad when it won't screw! (By the way, if a girl knows that you like them, they'll usually consider you for a relationship. If she doesn't pursue it, then it's not friend-zone, it means she likes you as a friend. That's still a good thing, if you didn't know.)

Well did you think he was gonna be nice about it?? You're an idiot. YDI

You got what you wished for. Maybe now you can perhaps change his mood by getting to work on that bad boy..... Whoops Bald boy*

oooh thats harsh OP.... why would you?? xx

randomthing 22

That's just mean.

Sorry, but FY husband's life. You should at least be supportive of him after he did this for you.

GLaDOSv1_09 19

Is he that mad? All you did was laugh at him after he did something that you wanted him to do. You poor thing.

Aspen_Grace33 27

That was sarcasm, 24...sarcasm.

Wild guess, #12 speaking sarcasm...

Seems people have lost their sense of humor. This is the most blatant sarcasm I've seen on this site! Damn. And 24...No, just no.

I read #12's comment and thought to myself, "why all the thumb downs?"...but, then I saw #24's comment and and all became suddenly clear -_-

Dumb B*tch, you don't laugh when ur husband does something for u!

#24 *Whoosh!* that was the sound of the sarcasm going right over your head.

challan 19

180- or through the ears...