By nabru - 06/07/2018 15:00

Today, I automated a task at work and a day-long procedure ran in a few hours. My boss was completely unimpressed because "I'm not paid to automate stuff, I'm paid to work". FML
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Perhaps you should go talk to his boss and take your boss's job.

Your boss is an idiot.


Next time, just automate it and don't tell the boss.

This. Automate the shit out of your job, don't tell him and enjoy your new free time

Perhaps you should go talk to his boss and take your boss's job.

Your boss is an idiot.

What an ass,but be careful not to automate yourself out of a job.

Zekfen 17

I’ve had the fun chance to automate a lot of processes in the past. You do it, don’t tell anybody and enjoy your extra time to read FMLs.

NEVER tell your boss you automated your job! He’ll just get rid of you. Use your workflow to knock out your work in a few hours and spend the rest of the day goofing off.

I would've asked "huh, so what do you get paid to do"?

The fact that you were able to automate your task means you are too smart for your job. Start looking for a job that will not only challenge you but pay better and reward you for your accomplishments.

tounces7 27

If only it was that easy, and most companies actually hired those based on how capable they are. If it were true, his boss would obviously not have a job.

Ok here's what you do next time you have an idea to automate something that will probably save your company money: 1. You write down exactly what idea you have 2. You make a rough summary of the cost and savings the company would get by implementing said improvement. 3. You lay down the idea and summary of cost and improvement in an appealing way on at most two sites. 4. You make a email/letter to the company heads (heads is important, sent it to more than one) 5. You speak with at least one of the head honchos beforehand and roughly lay out your idea and tell him you want him to check the idea 6. You offer to implement the idea as a test run but want to get a part of the savings after it has been successfully implemented 7. If you get the Okay implement it and enjoy a bit of money on the side.

How dare you find efficiency and save the company money.