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Today, I asked my boyfriend why he was dating me. He replied, "Well, there's not a lot of options at this college." FML
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Don't ask the question if you think you may not like the answer.


Don't ask the question if you think you may not like the answer.

Yeah, maybe it's smart to ask it in a different way, like: what do you like about me. You may get a better answer :)

I agree with #2! I think that's what OP meant to say to him, but worded it the wrong way.

Why would you even ask that? Seriously I personally hate when girls try to fish for compliments.

#26 what about when they need a pick me up, and don't want to directly ask for them?

#26 - I love girls who fish for compliments. I don't think they're gonna find nice things being said about them in the waters, but at least it gives me the opportunity to wear a captain's hat and hook a few freshwater fry.

#1. you can never expect anything to go your way so you have to prepare for a kiss or a punch. #26 no she just wants to see all the bullshit you will say

maybe she wasnt expecting a nice answer

No, do ask the question so you find out if you need to dump him.

I'm sorry to hear that op, I'm sure you'll find a better guy soon who appreciate you :)

If he said anything else OP would still be bitchy, it's always a trap. Listen to Admiral Akbar.

All these people immediately jumping to the "Dump that jerk!" response. We don't know the full story, perhaps it was a joke that she took too seriously.

even it wasnt a joke, arent girls always upset that guys arent being honest? its a lose-lose situation

Lmao no it's not just treat people with kindness and it's a win-win like it's not a difficult concept?? I would say OP had a reason to fish for a compliment if that's how important he sees her in regards to his life. If he really felt that way then he obviously doesn't want to end it so where's the use in revealing this? Just lie to save her some unnecessary hurt jesus christ..

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That's pretty harsh, you should be with someone that wants you for you. Hopefully he was joking.

Shipley18 17

There's always that one person who jumps to breaking up as the solution!

Some questions are better left unanswered

She fished for bass got seaweed instead (bass is the compliment) (seaweed is what she got)

idk about you guys but i love hearing someone go on and on how they love me, i useally ask when im sad tho

There are quite a few years instances where that question could come up. They could have been fighting or he could have said or done something that implied a less than stellar opinion of OP and it would be completely natural to ask something like, "Why are you dating me then?" Or they could have been talking about the future and she wanted to know if the foundation of their relationship was based on more than "She's available" which apparently, it wasn't.

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Girls need to be assured that they are loved. We like being complimented.

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Maybe he just said that because it sounded like you were fishing for a compliment?

Dillyduzit 23

I don't see what's so wrong about that? It's nice to be complimented by your partner!

If your partner truly enjoys being around you, you won't have to fish for them. I know my wife doesnt.

59 - well some people like it to be natural and not forced...

Dillyduzit 23

I don't know, I guess I don't see the harm in the question. I've asked my husband why he wanted to marry me, like just to know what qualities I have that he enjoys so I can try to be more of the things he loves. I just don't get why the OP is getting shit for probably doing the same, or asking out of genuine curiosity. Everyone is assuming s/he is fishing for compliments.

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79- because she was blatantly fishing for a compliment. .

So? It's not a crime to want to feel loved, sometimes your partner can't read body language well enough to know when you need to be reminded of your importance. God why does everyone immediately blame the victim

sometimes don't ask and don't answer.

Shipley18 17

Those who ask, shall receive....unwanted answers

The answer would probably be the same for most of people. It's like when people want to have kids, they usually do it with the first person who agrees even if they don't know this person for a long time.

I think you've watched too much of "16 and pregnant"

what the ****, who goes around having kids with the first person who wants to? is this what society has come to?