By ohhhjaymo13 / Saturday 5 February 2011 05:58 / United States
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Well dumping everything on your friends is not a fair thing to do. OP might want to reflect whether he ever asked his best friend how he felt, whether he had any problems, etc. Being told that you've failed at something is not fun, certainly. But there is a learning opportunity there, as well.

damnnn op lol today is just not your day! sorry! atleat it can't get any worse...well hopefully


actually op was just hit by a bus and was not wearing clean undies at the time. way to go there Miss Supportive :-p

fuck those people and take your newfound isolation to work on yourself, become awesome, and rub it in their faces!

is the friend breakup facebook official yet? if he hasn't unfriended you, you still have a chance to win him back.


OP shouldn't try to win them back? They aren't a true friend and OP doesn't need them in their life

Aw I'm sorry that happened. You don't need that type of person in Ur life. Keep ya head up, don't sweat it. :-) There r better friends out there.


what if op genuinely is a failure and a bad friend? maybe that's the only friend left out there for him. shame on you for instilling false hope.


And why is that exactly? Because strippers are the ultimate judge of character, or because they will tell you anything you want hear just so you will slide a greasy dollar bill in their stretched-out thong?

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