Nice try

By idiotwithaface - 23/09/2010 14:17 - United States

Today, I recently graduated from high school and I went to a college party. I met these girls and told them I graduated college already, to sound cool. I then heard one of them say, "I went to middle school with you, and I was in your math class." FML
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thats what you get for lying

dude you should have just been yourself, and not try to make yourself cooler


thats what you get for lying

Tasanasanta 0

What does he get? He didn't get anything from what I read :S


no pussy for you son!


great double post.. gotta love the iPhone

Tasanasanta 0

No you don't have to love it.

i agree. if your gonna lie, expect consequences. karmas a bitch.

zerobahamut03 2

yea you suck for being a liar, trying to act cool, and getting caught. can imagine how stupid you must've felt idiotface. next time be yourself.

theian01 3

"Oh my god. Did I say college? I meant high school! I'm stupid sorry. haha" Saved your game there.

tweetbaby14 18

hmmm YDI for being a liar. I ******* hate liars...

karma does not exisist.

karma does not exisist.

KiddNYC1O 20

exisist? lol

waiting4u 0

um yea douche bag

confusdsincbirth 5

lol theian.. too bad its too late for him..

Blue_Coconuts 7

53, probably wouldn't have worked, because I'm sure he said "I just graduated with a degree in ____" or something like that.

theian01 3

Yeah I know. That's why he fails at being "cool". Doesn't everyone who goes on this site know that you look so much less cool when trying to be cool?

karma doesnt exist? really, wow. your ignorant.

tweetbaby14 18

no it's not ignorant to not believe in karma but to instead believe that when things happen it's at random. this isn't china, not everyone has to believe the same things as you.

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You should have said, "Bitch.. YOU listen to me"

bubblzz 4

aww.. i feel bad for op.. yeah his method was faulty and he has to step up his game but hey at least he tried .. some guys just expect girls to fall from the sky at least he made an effort to impress .. by lying:))

lol he didn't say exist he said exisist :P

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yeah meng get yo shiz right

so you skipped four what? lmfao. you loser(:

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Its funny because you got caught making a lie.

DuckOnAStick 0

... and it's hilarious because this comment will be removed soon.

dude you should have just been yourself, and not try to make yourself cooler

Yeah unless he really wanted to land older girls? In my book, it'd sound better if he said he was IN college, bc once you graduate, you're like an old guy going to younger people's patties.


one word: integrity.

bradleylkeller 0

your absolutely right number 5, that kid has no integrity or any honor for that matter

Kid, if you don't know how to sound cool, please, keep your mouth closed. Only not very bright high school kids think liars are cool.

but he's not a highschool kid. he graduated

YDI for being deceitful, for partying, for trying to "sound cool", for not recognizing that chick, and most importantly for attempting to FORNICATE.

i fail to see what fornicating has to do with anything here. let people do what they want. its their life not yours. Also stop judging.

lmao this is so true!

Read his damn username.

I concur ^_^

im trollin a troll. shh.

I like turtles tr0llololol0l!!!

#18, fornicating is a horrible thing to do. When you crazy kids try to "hook up" at a party (or whatever you call it these days), it's in the hopes that it will lead to fornication! And how dare you judge me for being judgmental! Let people judge as much as they want! Did I just create an infinite hypocrisy loop with my previous line of text? I'm excited to see what the results are!

ohsuzykuew 0

From what I've heard, 39 year old giraffes do NOT fornicate. they "make love". God says "judge not lest ye be judged" so I guess it's okay if we all judge each other.

If the making love is outside of holy matrimony, then it IS fornication!

You're right, 21. I'll judge everyone by username now! *Puts out hairdreser* *Dodges the PieInTheSky*

Yo dawg I heard you like trolls so I put a troll post on your troll post so you can troll while you troll.

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what did you learn about lying? haha and how is graduating college make someone cooler?

twinny_sc 13

Exactly. I would think it to be lame for someone who already graduated college to be at a college party hitting on freshman.

twinny_sc 13


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hahaha so true.

I'm guessing you didn't graduate from anything because of your grammar!

jkgfdxb 0

and I read my post again. *does

jkgfdxb 0

no shit Sherlock. if you payed attention to other posts you would know I'm currently attending collge and I'm a bio chem major not an English major. k thanks.

tweetbaby14 18

how would we know your major from your FML posts? we aren't stalkers, or you. that was a dumb thing to say. I hope my brain doesn't turn to mush like yours when I start college...

jkgfdxb 0

posts for this specific fml post. hahaha you're funny. my brain is mush right now because im currently working on my hw. and I mentioned my major as a response not as a restatement

You ain't got to lie to kick it...

jkgfdxb 0

Is that from a movie?

liars are FAIL