By Mak1 - 05/12/2008 08:12 - Belgium

Today, my boyfriend told me in a very natural way that my mother is better at sex than me. FML
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Why would you think it's a lie??

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did you really think people would believe this?

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I've told my girlfriend similar things. It could be true that he said it.

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WOW thats so awkward and weird...

I tell my girlfriend this all the time. Not because i've boinked her mom, but because its fun to see how riled up she gets. Point is, maybe the kid was just ******* around. But i think its more fun to think he totally boinked his girlfriends mum.

my brother ****** his gf's mom at age 13... so I will beleive any crazy story, it's still messed up, though! Btw, I've never had a gf with a hot mom...!

are u kiddin us I bet u r ur 13 yr only bro primly didn't do tht!!!!!!!!!

Your brother and that mother are filthy pigs. She can go up for rape and he is a *****

i feel bad for your brother. he was raped. tht mom needs to be in jail. hes 13 for ******* crying out loud.

The same thing happened to David Draiman at age 12