By cherrycokeee - 06/02/2010 18:29 - France

Today, my boyfriend of two years said he would finally take me somewhere romantic. I spent my day at a Star Wars convention. FML
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Um. For two years and you still didn't know he was that much of a geek? good job paying attention. you fail

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Pft, I'm jeluz D: Star Wars is the shit


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Uh-oh, here comes the swarm of "OMG U SHUD BE GRATEFUL YOU BITCH!!! " comments from angry teenagers...

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haha I don't think they come from angry teens I think they come from lonely adults...

star wars isn't THAT bad... a convention, on the other hand, might be. i sense deactivation in the near future anyway :) yay!

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I don't think it's the fact that she thinks a Star Wars convention is bad (though I'm assuming she does), but that her boyfriend promised to take her somewhere romantic. Something a Star Wars convention definitely isn't. Especially if Star Wars is something he enjoys, but not her. That wouldn't be a romantic trip, that'd be a day out for him, that he's tricked her into coming to.

YDI if you stayed with him for two years even though he never took you anywhere romantic. if he doesn't take you somewhere romantic in all that time, you should have left him.

you deserved it for staying with someone for two years who has never taken you anywhere romantic

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Never seen a single Star Wars movie. Never met anyone who HASN'T seen all of them. And I know a lot of popular people. God, I hate those things. Why can't these Star Wars freaks keep like a private shrine in their closet? Do they really have to hog up a convention center for a week?

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I can imagine that week being donated for a Red Cross convention, where all proceeds would go to those in need. Reality: A bunch of nerds together for a week, letting their lives waste away on a plotline that will never come true. Lastly, it is good to enjoy a movie like that, but DONT GET SO FREAKING OBSESSED. Thank you for your time.


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the force is weak with this one...

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At first I agreed with you, then I realized it was Star WARS not Star Trek. How do you honestly not know of the legendaryness that in the Star Wars saga?

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what do u mean it will never come true? it already happened a long time ago in a galaxy far away.

Um. For two years and you still didn't know he was that much of a geek? good job paying attention. you fail

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hahaha maybe you should dump the nerd

It's not the fact that he likes Star Wars! She probably knows that. It's the fact that he promised to take her to somewhere romantic, and they went to a sci-fi convention. Am gonnana have to put this on every comment? I've got all night and sod all else to do.

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That is true, but after two years you would think she would know his definition of "romantic".

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screw you twelve tear old ****. starwars is better than you are

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18 We know you're just some 40 year old guy, drop the act you loser.

yeah... that's why I voted YDI. If you don't know that about him... its your own damn fault

Wtf. He has a weird sense of romantic. Or at least that's my opinion.

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Pft, I'm jeluz D: Star Wars is the shit

what is chewies home planet called? No, you cannot use google.

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Kashyyak? Kashiyyakk? Caddy Shack? Shitbro you couldn't ask for a more spellable home planet?

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kashykk I think that's the spelling but it sounds like cash-sheek. -star wars authority

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So? I think that's awesome. He can be Luke and you can be Leia, except there's no brother-sister incest. That's awesome for both of you!

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you mean he can be Han Solo and she can be Leia?

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Ew, I've never been a fan of Han Solo. I don't know why, when I see him I just think, "Why the hell is Indiana Jones in a Star Wars movie?"

OMG. That is awesome. BOOO to you. Star Wars is love

Star Wars is love. Star Wars is life.

It was probably awesome!!!1!1! (1s added to emphasize the awesomeness), but definitely not Romantic. FYL to some degree, for the disappointment.

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Damn.. I hope he didn't want to have you dressed up as Chewi

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#11 are you rascist against wookies? Not cool man... not cool...