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Today, I told a patient that we needed to collect a stool sample. I left the room momentarily to retrieve what the patient would need. He apparently didn't need anything besides the counter in the exam room. FML
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  COOL__Coal  |  12

I'm pretty sure you are going for a pun which shows you have no idea what stool is. If I'm wrong and this isn't an attempt to be funny then I feel sorry for you.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

^ Okay, sarcasm fail. :p
Seriously though? I'm betting the patient was senile. Seems more likely that than he's just that big of an asshole.
That is rather disgusting, Op, hope it didn't completely ruin your day.

By  CMC_LOVES_MGM  |  19

I feel sorry for you op, I hope you didn't have to collect I hope he had the decency to collect it himself; but I highly doubt it, either way he was a bizarre man and I hope you do not have to deal with him in the future.