By TimeForACareerChange - 18/07/2012 00:54 - United States

Today, I told a patient that we needed to collect a stool sample. I left the room momentarily to retrieve what the patient would need. He apparently didn't need anything besides the counter in the exam room. FML
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At least he waited for u to leave!

Whenever someone says stool sample, I think of little tiny wooden bar stools for very small people to sit on.


At least he waited for u to leave!

Yeah, except now s/he has to clean it up off of the counter. FYL, OP. Maybe he really, really had to go.

politeness, dirtier than I thought.

It would seem that the OP did not properly explain how the stool sample was to be acquired, man that would suck to clean up though.

Op, are you perhaps DocBastard?!

48- Not necessarily, you have the option of putting in a different 'nickname' when submitting an FML.

Seldom66 - Uh, no. As a surgeon I have no reason to ask patients for stool samples. Ever. If I need one, I go get it, if you catch my drift.

Sir we are going to need a stool sample So you want me to do it here? No sir To late... *plop*

Shit happens. Said with uncertainty while stating the obvious.

That's just gross . People have no common sense anymore

In life shit happens!!

Well isn't that just a piss off.

I'm pretty sure you are going for a pun which shows you have no idea what stool is. If I'm wrong and this isn't an attempt to be funny then I feel sorry for you.

It pisses me off when people make shitty puns and don't know crap about what they're "punning" about.

damn guys quit being so anal about her lack of vocabulary.

It'd be more of a " poop-off" but that doesn't really make sense.

Damnit you can't take shitty and crap in one pun! Now we cant do as many puns!

Who says "that's a piss off"?! I know everyone says things like "you're pissing me off" etc but "a piss off"??

Cue the "that's shitty jokes"

Was that an alliteration?

Don't know, but I had to read it twice

Devil's in the details! You presumed too much, and specified too little, it would appear. ;) Sorry though, Ick. :p

^ Okay, sarcasm fail. :p Seriously though? I'm betting the patient was senile. Seems more likely that than he's just that big of an asshole. That is rather disgusting, Op, hope it didn't completely ruin your day.

Hey, on the bright side you got your sample :p

Whenever someone says stool sample, I think of little tiny wooden bar stools for very small people to sit on.

Omg that is disgusting! I hope you made him put it in the sample pottle then clean the counter.

Oh yeah, because you can definitely do that to patients.

Yeah good point. :)

what's a pottle?

It was a bottle but the b fell off its bar stool and is hanging upside down...

Maybe he sincerely thought he was supposed to go there while you were gone. Or he's just an idiot looking for trouble. Either way, FYL.

I feel sorry for you op, I hope you didn't have to collect I hope he had the decency to collect it himself; but I highly doubt it, either way he was a bizarre man and I hope you do not have to deal with him in the future.

Bitch please.........