By wavenixv - 27/8/2021 10:01

Get back to work

Today, I got an email from our district manager, telling me I cannot use my vacation days as sick time. I've run out of sick days and I have a severe injury that I've taken medical leave for. When it flares up, it feels like I’m being stabbed. He knows this, but doesn’t acknowledge it. FML
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  rotflqtms_  |  20

I think you have to schedule vacation days way in advance and sick days can be taken with 2 hours notice (2hrs in my hospital at least) without getting written up as a no call no show.


Though as a teacher in the US, vacation days and sick days are the same thing, and you don’t get enough of them (it’s like 5% of our working days, whereas office jobs I’ve seen give you at least 15% of their working days).