By Screamslikeagirl - 27/09/2016 19:17 - United States - Union City

Today, there must have been a wasp clinging to my front door because when I walked outside, it dropped between my glasses and my face and began stinging me all around my eye. I don't know if my eye is more swollen from the stings or from me repeatedly punching myself in the face. FML
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Wasp: stop hitting yourself *stings* *evil laughter*

The wasp probably wouldn't have stung you as much, if you didn't anger it with punching.


Let's hope you don't need an EpiPen...

hellobobismyname 24

Obviously not, or that would have been the fml.

The wasp probably wouldn't have stung you as much, if you didn't anger it with punching.

lexiieeex3 32

Still, it's a natural human reaction to kill it or get it away by any means possible.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

20 my "natural human reaction" to a wasp or bee is leave it alone. Even if it is on me. Because I will get stung less or not at all if I don't aggravate it. AND being raised with a brother who is allergic to bees, if I ever angered a bee and it stung him, it could kill him and that would be my fault.

ApeTheGreatApe 11

"Daddy, that man across the street who screams like a girl is out again" "Come back inside honey, he seems worse than usual"

Wow, that is probably the worst fml I have ever read. Sorry op

Wasp: stop hitting yourself *stings* *evil laughter*

As a glasses wearer, this would be my worst nightmare.

As a person who is deadly allergic to wasp-stings, I'm really glad it didn't happen to me. I hope the swelling goes down soon. And allergy or not, it really hurts.

mermaidkeels 26

Wasp: 2 (1 for the sting, 1 for the punch) you: 0

When I was younger I got stung right by my eye. My face swelled until my eye was swollen shut, So now whenever I think of wasps or bees, that side of my face gets tingly where I was stung