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Today, my boyfriend came to a family barbecue. I guess my dad heard him talking about the "fun" we'd be having later, because over the next two hours, he tripped my boyfriend up on concrete, threw a beer can at him, and sprayed him full-force with a water hose. All "accidentally" of course. FML
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most dad's are overprotective OP, I have a feeling my dad would do the same thing -_-


most dad's are overprotective OP, I have a feeling my dad would do the same thing -_-

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I would, too, except I wouldn't try to pretend it's accidental.

Being a Mum, so would I, he would never walk again.

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OP's lucky her father didn't kill him after bringing out a shotgun.

Don't beat up your kids' significant others' just because they ****: If they're too young, you're assaulting a child; if they're adults, they're old enough to make their own bad decisions.

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MDTeddy - Grow up and have a daughter. THEN you'll know why fathers are so protective of our little girls.

I guess I have a laid back dad then :) I think dads reactions are sometimes overrated... or maybe my dad is just toooo cooool. as long as the guy respects the female vise versa and of couse is wealthy that's also a plus! Then the dad should chillax

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Wish FMLs said age cause depends on her age on how much he deserved it. He deserved it no matter what for talking openly about "fun" at a family event though, seriously just why?

36, it's not a matter of hating our kids. My daughter is only a year old, and just thinking about her as a teenager wants to make me hurt her future boyfriends.

Maybe respect your parents enough to not talk about sex with each other within ear shot then, ey ?

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At least OP's dad isn't like my dad. If I go near a boy he will start yelling and drag me away -.-

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42- Don't let him speak for young people I completely understand. that's why I stay away from girls fathers...

Good work protecting them from life, Doc. We all know there's nothing women hate more than any form of consensual sexual contact.

My mom wouldnt do any of the above. Shed most likely: A. Great him to the kitchen, most likely acting as sweet as ever, and stroke at the knives until he was sweating from his forehead to his balls. B. Bring up in a conversation, while he is listening full on, that anyone who f's with her daughter will hear from her and my 6'2 dad and 6'7 grandfather, who btw owns a shotgun. C. (My favorite) Will show him to where she keeps a gun, and marvel at her assortment of bullets. She will then point to the biggest one and say sweetly, ' and this ones for you if you ever do, or say anything to hurt my daughter.'

OP YDI or at least he did, he shouldn't have ever said anything like that in your parents home! to everyone else, The father did the right thing. You cannot as a parent allow that type of talk, he obviously had no respect for them (talkong that way in their home) which can translate into no respect for her very quickly. It is our jobs as parents to protect our children, it doesn't have to be over done, the father didnt punch him in the nose after all! We not only have to put our foot down to keep the boys from disrespecting our daughters in public but also to let our daughters know that being treated that way is not ok! We wonder why so many woman put up with so much BS. Let's face it, teens are dumb and willing to put up with all kinds of crap for a boy or girl they really like, I was one, most of us were. So yeah we have to be the law until they figure it out for themselves.

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Hey, sounds like my family!

Sounds like my ex girlfreinds family... The caught us making out once and thought it would be ok to repeatedly make jokes implying they would hit me with a shovel... For two hours.

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OP's dad must really be on a hot streak right now if those were all "accidents". I would stay away from him right now in fear of being "accidentally" thrown into a muddy ditch.

28- the "accidents" were all directed towards the boyfriend not OP. OP has nothing to worry about (except maybe OPs boyfriend going "missing")

^^^ He didn't say "OP stay away from him'" he said, "I would stay away from him."

Yes accidents DO happen... Especially when they're not accidental.

I know how you feel... my dad would go berserk. Might bust out his shotgun, even.

4: Have you noticed how much your angel avatar looks like a ******? Seriously.

Most dads are overprotective of their daughters. With good reason too. Your dad took it a little far though, hopefully he didn't scare your boyfriend off.

I agree, I think he had a great reason. I mean, it's a little too much what he did, but hopefully op's boyfriend will keep his mouth shut next time. He totally deserved it, your dad is just taking care of you.

Maybe he'll "accidentally" push you down the stairs tomorrow.

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"I swear I had just had a spasm! It wasn't me!" Oh and it's OP's boyfriend her dad doesn't like, not OP :3 Just by the by

OPs boyfriend cant get pregnant though.

It's not very intelligent to talk about the "fun" stuff you two will be doing later at a family barbecue, you never know who might be listening...

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I think they know the dad was! :)

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I don't think anyone is going to confuse the boyfriend with Einstein.

Sounds like something my dad would do...

You're right. Sooner or later that stuff always comes out.

I'm willing to bet this was meant to be for the adoption fml?

Have a little chat with your dad to ensure that he doesn't seriously hurt your boy friend OP!