By ilivehere - United States - Moline
Today, my boyfriend proposed to me at his parents' house. I was overjoyed. His mom hugged me with tears in her eyes. His father, who never really spoke before, hugged me a few hours later when we were alone, his hands traveling to my ass and whispering, "I can change your mind." FML
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  kristabelli  |  19

31 I don't think you phrased that correctly... if the reason OP's mind wasn't changed is abnormal and decrepit, they you're suggesting her mind SHOULD have been changed. Which I think we can all agree it should not have been.

  kristabelli  |  19

#114 - I'm with ya, I agree that what the father did is odd and decrepit and abnormal! However, #31 said that the REASON her mind wasn't changed is odd, abnormal and decrepit. I think, personally, that the reason her mind wasn't changed is completely normal. :)

By  JJ_Rokk  |  10

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  Nick_Le_Geek  |  10


Though if she was being proposed to, and her parents were overjoyed, I don't really think this would be filed under pedophilia. Obviously she's at least an adult, orrr her parents are bonkers.

By  KatieElizabeth96  |  9

If my boyfriends dad did that.. I'd be like "WTF!?" And probably run away for a little while..

By  The_Khan  |  12

And he was right... he CAN change your mind, though not in the direction he thought.
The only change he can give you is you, running the hell away.

Lets hope he dials it down to sane, yesterday.

By  Wizardo  |  33

Tell your now fiancée because that's unacceptable, he's trying to 'seduce' you and wedge himself in between you and his son in some gruesome love triangle, sounds like a bad episode of Desperate Housewives.