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Today, my boyfriend of two years broke up with me because I was "letting myself go". When I told the little girl I babysit in the afternoons why I was so upset, she looked at me for a moment before saying, "Well, I definitely can't blame him." FML
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ha it's funny cause one of my friends is going through the same thing right now with his girl, they used to be such a great couple but for some reason she thinks that she can gain all kinds of weight and get clingy and its not gonna drive him away.

Real shit girls, even after you got us you still gotta at least make a little effort to keep us. call it sexist call it unfair call it what you will but it is what it is.

  starshine3987  |  0

Agreed. Would you like it if your boy started looking like a beached whale every time he laid on the couch? What makes you think he shouldn't be allowed to feel the same way? People can't help what they find attractive. People can however help themselves make sure they don't get fat.

  YayAmerica  |  0

I don't know if this necessarily means weight. I mean, "letting herself go" could mean she's suddenly a jeans and t-shirt girl and she wears her hair down instead of curling it and isn't as in to makeup or something. Let's ask OP.

OP, what did the scale say when you started dating and what does it say now?

  frankgrimes  |  4

#5 takes this Comment stuff to serious. HAhah Writing essays.haha....... Anyway relax, a "little girls" Words Shouldnt matter to you. Grow up. YDI, shes a little girl!!!!! nuff said

By  shalizzz  |  0

Why do women , after becoming involved in a serious relationship decide that, since they've already "caught" a guy they don't need to put any more effort into looking good? What did you expect? For him to stay with you no matter what? I don't starve myself or spend hours getting ready for my boyfriend, but I do try to keep in shape and make myself presentable, at least when I hang out with him.

Your boyfriend fell in love with the person he met 2 years ago. That is the person he wants to be with.

Of course that physical attraction shouldn't be the only (or main) reason 2 people are together. However, keep in mind that it's impossible to be romantically involved with someone whose appearence you no longer like. He probably loves your personality, the way you think etc, but you can't expect him to stay by your side if he no longer finds you at least a bit appealing.

  laryngoscope  |  0

"but I do try to keep in shape and make myself presentable,"

I totally misread that as

"but I do try to keep in shape and make myself penetrable,"

well, I suppose it applies to OP's situation... lol

  Enzi_fml  |  21

I agree that one should make some effort to keep themselves presentable for their significant other, but I have to politely disagree with the last bit. I have an asexual friend who has been in a serious relationship with a guy for several years now although she doesn't find him the least bit attractive. I am not physically attracted to the guy I'm with now, though I still love him to death and stay with him because we hold a lot of the same important values, and we work well as a couple. It's definitely not impossible to be romantically involved with somebody you're not physically attracted to. It's a different story if the person stops showering or something because that's disgusting, but if they're just spending less time on their hair and makeup or wearing jeans and a t shirt instead of some fancy getup, then I don't see what the problem is. Looks fade over time anyway.

By  Starfire22  |  5

Ok, you have to always keep on top of your appearance and not let yourself go! This goes for both men and women. While there is a bit more leeway with men, women always need to maintain themselves. Now maintaining doesn't mean you have to be super skinny and not gain an ounce. It means that you make sure you wear proper clothing that fits your body type, putting on a little makeup on once in awhile, and not becoming morbidly obese.