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By MarkTheShark - 12/12/2009 05:23 - United States

Today, I left work to find a note on my windshield that read, "I think you're cute," with a phone number written down as well. I got super excited and immediately dialed. The phone was answered by a woman laughing hysterically. It was my Mom. FML
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LMMFAO... that's funny! My first favorite!


OP doesn't know his moms phone number?...

she could've gotten a new phone number and pulled this prank on him afterwards or she could've been at a friend's house and used her friend's number to do it Or she could have taken a plane to go to china to buy a chinese cell-phone and then taken the chinese cell-phone to america where stuff happens and stuff and then got a different number like 9281-289749828738472837423 and used that number for the sole purpose to prank him. the possibilities are endless!

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lol 78. look at 71. oh yeah... BOOMER!!!!!

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Ouch. If your mom thinks you're sad, then... wow.

Wow....your mom's a bitch! But that is funny....LMAO!!

**** you his mom is amazing it's a funny joke. I would laugh if I was the op (:

LMMFAO... that's funny! My first favorite!

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I was just thinking that!!!

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Thats what i was going to say!

Maybe it was her work number or something?

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Put a note on your mom's car " I think you are a **** "

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