By Anonymous - 14/05/2009 17:13 - United States

Today, I was home on leave and having breakfast with my parents and my younger brothers. I guess I got too used to the rougher language around the Army barracks where I'm stationed. At the breakfast table I asked my Mom to "pass me the f***ing butter". FML
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HAHAHAHA nice one. I was at my mom's and accidentally said her cat is so fucking cute.

That almost happened to me too when I was back on leave a few months ago.


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why would u say that in the first place

Ha and then his brother said "and pass the goddamn bacon whore!"

why did you respond to 1 with nothing to do with one's comment? thats retarded

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I know I think people do that just so there comments would be seen first

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No grammar nazis mess with his post. Deep down a little part of me would like to hope that there really is a bacon whore for all of us.

@232 There is... but she's a little porky.

He wouldn't of realised.


It's obviously only a problem if swearing is taboo in his household. In mine, swearing is commonplace. For example if I asked my Mum to "pass the fucking butter" she would without a second thought. It's just the household

That almost happened to me too when I was back on leave a few months ago.

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I know. when I got on leave, I couldn't stop cussing

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well thank you both for all you do for our country

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My family is mostly military so I got used to the language. It's not that big of a deal. As a parent you just have to make sure that the kid know they aren't supposed to say it. I'm a full supporter of the military and you guys deserve all respect.

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My husbands navy, and we have 2 toddlers. Right back from deployment it was pretty bad, but he's used to "work language" and "home language" now. I don't mind it, but I sure as hell don't want my 2 yr old picking it up!!! Once they are old enough to understand I won't mind, but in the parroting stage...nope! Op, hope your younger brother doesn't try to be exactly like you! If not, no big deal.

LOL funny, but i still say YDI

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You lived in your parent's house for at least 18 years. You should be able to remember common courtesy. YDI.

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So true! And why are all the comments about having manners getting all the negative votes? What has this world come too???!!!!

What do you mean, "at least 18 years"? He could've left home early or even not have lived with his family during his childhood...

HAHAHAHA nice one. I was at my mom's and accidentally said her cat is so fucking cute.

Haha thats hilarious, your mother deserves it for doing a terrible job in raising you because you joined the armed forces.

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lmao. I'm not in the army and I still talk like a trucker :-] Yeah, my parents don't know where they went wrong..... But at the same time, they're just words.....

ikr people say that cussing is a sin, but they were made up by a 6 year old and the rumor just spread

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yaaaa...i know what you mean... every time i say a swear word my parents go ballistic.... then my dad says one and no one blinks an eye.... i don't get it!!!

No TXT language on FML!!!

Then again, words are all we've got!

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my 2nd grade teacher made me wash my mouth with ACTUAL soap and let me tell you something, soap does not taste good

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#6 wet24_7 just from your screen name its obvious that your mother is still kicking herself for keeping you.

lol FYL for having parents that care about that shit. Oops. I cussed. My bad.