By AbFlab - / Tuesday 1 June 2010 04:35 / United States
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By  Primus_fml  |  0

Dude, abs aren't an easy thing to achieve. They can take years. Be glad your girlfriend was at least trying to be nice. And if youre miserable trying to get them, then don't bother anymore. Your girlfriend should still like you regardless of your flabyness.


do 2-3 sets of 50-70 situps per night and you'll have sick abs in no time. the key is to do each set as fast as you can without stopping. take 3-5 minute break between each set. gl!

  lettertjes  |  0

#7: actually, doing a lot of situps as fast as you can is more of a cardio exersice. To train the muscles, you better do slow situps and use a weight. Also, even the most well-trained thick abs will be invisible when they're covered with a half-inch layer of fat (and having a half-inch layer of fat is fairy normal, even with a slim build).

  phreshboi  |  1

maybe go apply for a job at a workout place so you can get discount like the guy above in the other FML and make sure you read the fine print and then tan but don't get burnt like the other person who's a retard

  mona_is_here  |  10

44 no need to follow complicated programs, OP, just keep dieting and working out , don't give up too fast!! also ask your trainer maybe you're making some mistakes concerning nutrition plan etc. good luck with that, I believe in you. I know how hard it is when no one believes in your strength but i know you can .

  xlossofmex  |  0

18 is correct. Also an ab exercise I like to do is to lay on a bench longways with my legs hanging off mostly and pull my legs up to a perpendicular position to my upper body. Your body starts as a straight line. It works out a lot of muscles and is really good! Also, add protein to your diet (whey protein) to promote muscle development! You can also go to bodybuilding.com or tips.

  romskiies  |  0

actually 18 is not correct, only the weight part. it's better to do the reps fast becuase that's how your abs feel the burn/workout, going slow will only make em bulky, and if that's what your going for then nvm, but other wise to tone up you have to go fast

  lettertjes  |  0

Thank you I'll tell him! Although he doesn't look very cute right now actually, he has scabies (I'm already treating him for it, don't worry) and it's giving him very higgledy-piggledy fur.

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