By Nasu Johi - United States - New York
Today, as a CNA, I had to go through the belongings of a patient. His phone rang and I answered - it was his boss. As I explained, he cut me off and said to "drop the act" and "he better be there now or he's fired". He was pronounced dead-on-arrival. FML
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By  Paul B. Gyurcsanszky  |  14

His employer is gonna feel like shit when he finds out.

  Cali  |  54

Being accused of lying and having to argue with a stranger over a dead guy sounds pretty frustrating to me!

  bazoo42  |  25

Yes, as it has happened to me. My best friend had literally just died, and I was holding his phone. One of his clients called, and I had to tell them.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

You should have told the boss that he could go fuck himself as hard as you fucked his wife. Tell him his company is a bunch of losers and failure is imminent.

Do you know how to sing “Take this job and shove it?” That’d be a great way to leave that shit job that has ruined the last two minutes of your life!

By  cylon_god  |  4

Sorry you had to go through this unpleasant conversation. At least you won't have to tell the patient that they're fired. Maybe on the other side, we'll all have universal basic income and won't have to work for a living. Or there's nothing there, which is also fine.