By Wolf6661 - United States - Philadelphia
Today, as a mascot for a pet store, I had to fake my own death to stop a little girl having a temper tantrum because she couldn't take me home. FML
Wolf6661 tells us more :
OP here, to fill in the gaps the little girl was about 8 maybe 9 and the parents did try and stop her but it wasn't working, so I felt they needed a hand. To answer the questions of how she reacted, well after she poked and prodded my "dead body", let's just say my ears are still ringing from her shrill little scream of outrage at my "death". Alright well have a nice day y'all taco taco burrito.
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  DerSuldam  |  25

Well, if it helps her stop being spoiled and throwing temper tantrums, I would say it's worth it. We all got traumatised by Disney deaths in our childhoods, and we turned out... well, well enough. >.>

By  ScratchCatPower  |  32

Hah! Nice one. Kudos to you for being such a quick thinker. I'm sure the little girl's parents were grateful that you were able to get out of that situation with little to no damage done.

By  iiTzNeeNerz  |  26

As a parent, I feel like it shouldn't have been left up to you to stop that temper tantrum; that's a parents responsibility... but i give you props for the way you handled it. It was quick thinking from your part. Bet they were grateful. lol

  photographer49  |  22

Yea that makes total sense, let me quit my job because of this incident. I hate the people that come up with these half assed solutions. Some of us have responsibilities and don't have the luxury of quiting our jobs just because it can suck sometimes.