By Anonymous - 02/11/2010 16:26 - Canada

Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend. It was the first time in four months since our baby was born, that I could really enjoy it. After we finished up we walked into the livingroom, where my white faced brother was sitting. He said we left the baby monitor on. FML
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and if he really cared he would have turned the baby monitor off. so what I'm saying he enjoyed the whole thing


#1 You're soo adorable! Your eyes are amazing(:

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Everyone says that! I don't see what's so great about them but I'm just whatever with them. Anyways, thanks. (:

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^ Thanks you guys but enough about me, let's talk about you (; kiddiing.

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so many issues with this 1. 1st baby with ur bf. thats stupid. 2nd why is ur brother in ur house? do u still live at home? if you do u shouldnt be having sex at ur place. and if u dont why would you have sex while he was over? YDI!!!!

Is Kimfrey a dude or a chic? Can't really tell on my phone.

pfffft lol WTF? u and your "eyes" created quite a comotion with these girls :P u must be secretly enjoying yourself haha.

#1 looks like a guy I've seen at my school. I can't not laugh at the girls swooning over him.

kimfrey you could hook in with a chick pretty easily by wut these girls say. unless u have a shit personality

are you a guy or girl? and either way... QUIT BEING SO EMO!

nope u just look like a guy. lol ****** emos dude lets kill em.

comment that began with nope was directed at #75

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Was his face white cause of the semen?

you have jared leto eyes :D (completely off-topic ha ha! sorry) and i agree with you, that must SUCK :P

1 is hot. 144's pissed because no one's hitting on him.

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That is your comment?Of all this information u find a child to comment? God u are so pathetic.

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actually he is smarter than you. it shows he looks out side the box!

actaully the one that heard everything was her brother not a second child

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Let's learn to spell and type properly first, and then use what we learn to insult people. That way, no one looks like an idiot.

Kids outside of marriage are asking for trouble, and if OP is still living at home with her brother, she's probably under the age of 20 or still a teenager, in which case, OP deserves it for not knowing what contraception is. Sex outside of marriage, on the other hand, is fine by me.

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Way to assume the **** out of a several sentence story. How do you know the brother isn't the younger one tagging with his big sister to because he has nowhere else to go, or he's just visiting for a few weeks or something? How do you know the OP hasn't already been planning this child for years with her boyfriend but they haven't gotten around to marriage? I'm a child out of marriage and so far everything has been better than most of the people I know who have been born within marriage.

Holy shit, people. Stop assuming left and right! Maybe her brother was babysitting their kid for awhile? Maybe they just didn't get around to getting married?

Maybe the only thing that matters is that family holidays are really going to suck from here on out.

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I wonder how old her brother was, this is hilarious.

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and if he really cared he would have turned the baby monitor off. so what I'm saying he enjoyed the whole thing

for all you know the brother was young ( like 8 or 9) and doesnt know how to turn it off. which makes it even funnier.

yep he enjoyed it. I bet he took the baby monitor with him to another room for a little bit as well.

Yeah, there's a volume thing on those.. or could have just unplugged it or taken out the batteries. Creepy brother

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Yeah, it's not hard to figure out how to turn it off. Unless the brother was like 4, he should be able to. Since he was clearly old enough to understand what was going on, there's no excuse.

what's to say he didn't turn it off but still heard before he did?

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Why would you have sex in a room with a baby monitor in it? Was it a baby nursery or something? Wouldn't you notice if a camera was in the room? Next time, remember to turn it off. Or do it in another room.

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Lmfao FYL indeed,better said FHL that's gotta be traumatizing.....Brother:Imma make myself a sammich rye,turkey,cheese..,hears moaning looks at monitor...*squeezes mayo bottle on face.....Sister:ayy ayy ayy ayy ayyyy ....Brother: 

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A baby moniter is like a walkie talkie. It is not a camera. Meaning, he heard them have sex but did not see them.

The bedroom generally has a baby monitor so that parents can make sure baby is all right even if they are sleep

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But they work so you can only hear one way. They had to have had sex where the baby sleeps if the brother heard them. But he could have turned off his, or left the room.. He could have avoided hearing it.

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#46 i play bass too :D dont you just love that instrument?

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To death. It makes almost every song sound better.

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there's actually baby monitors with sound and camera.

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your retarded. I'm sure it was their room and it's a radio device usually not a video camera and there's supposed to be one in the parents room or wherever they are at and the nursery...I doubt they would do it in their baby's room...

Usually when babies are newborns they sleep in a bassinet in the parents room to make night feeding easier...

You know if you had to PAY for entertainment like that, it would cost a fortune!!