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Today, my boyfriend let me know that when we met, he wouldn't have even talked to me if I was as fat as I am now. But lucky for me, he stays with me because, "there's love or something." FML
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Well at least you know he loves you :/


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These are the types of guys that drive me to treat girls the best I can, and not say shit like this.

Eggers 2

Right because we all weren't already thinking that. What a waste of a first post

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Hey it could have been two guys

Eggers 2

my comment was directed towards 1 btw, not 12

OP Dump the jerk, and find yourself someone who doesn't mind a little more cushion for the pushin.

OP, if you want to keep the relationship together, which in my opinion you shouldn't... You guys should go to the gym together or start a workout regimen together, so he can be happy with you getting fit, and you can be happy with him getting fit. It also would be a good relationship builder, because most couples I see at the gym never fight because they're too self-absorbed in working out to be angry at others.

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What's the something? Is it sex? Are you rich? Is your family rich? Why is this guy so shallow? Why am I asking so many questions? **** it, I'll shut up now.

Nothing wrong with a dude wanting his girl to be fit. In my opinion if I take the time to make my self look presentable to my lady she should too. Obviously he has some feelings for her aside from the shallowness if he laid it out up front with her instead of cheating. Always the haters in these comments.

Stro, you have this air of... I don't know, doucheyness about you, that just kinda makes me want to punch your sunglasses-while-inside covered face. BJ's are a deal breaker? Really 'brah'? Good God, get thee some humility.

I was abortion to say the same thing. although I sorta agree his profile just ruined it. but the guy shouldn't be saying that to his gf. there are nicer ways to go about it.

Hahaha "abortion" instead of "about" Thanks for the belly laugh! Lol

Don't be fat, girl! If you are not genetically fat

oops! yeah it was supposed to be about. this phone says the darndest things

Yes theres something about stro that makes me want to hit him in my car and keep rolling over him till the squirming stops and all is silent and pure...

43 you're right about 40 but 43 what are you like 10, boobies, really. And nuclear propulsions engineer, I'd would of believed you more had you said you were a purple jacket, you're both douches.

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79 - I like how you read his profile and saw him say 'boobies'. Then you ask him if he's 10. Obviously you didn't look at his age, says 22.

82 i was be sarcastic about his age, meaning that he seems immature.

Dude, it's a humor website. Sorry I said 'boobies'.

OP's boyfriend might not be the best at expressing himself with words, but at least he still loves her after gaining some weight. I myself think hes right to say something like that, just being a nice person isn't always enough, there has to be a physical atraction too.

OP's boyfriend might not be the best at expressing himself with words, but at least he still loves her after gaining some weight. I myself think hes right to say something like that, just being a nice person isn't always enough, there has to be a physical atraction too.

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Did you read the FML? He LOVES HER... yea sure OP, dump him and find someone who doesn't love you... God, people these days... Everyone throwing away relationships like garbage because of minor problems...

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nice 12 stay being the gent you are!

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Well, it wasn't a very tactful way of saying it, but I do in some ways agree with him. if the physical attraction is being lost, you cannot continue to be romantic towards a person. Why? Biology. It sucks, but the human brain, or, more accurately, the male human brain, cannot feel the same biological drive to make babies without attraction. He at least wants to stay with her, she's upset, I hope they work it out.

Jammy01jams 2

I am completely behind the ops BF on this one. I know this girl that has gained weight then broke up and lost it, then repeated that. Some girls just let themselves go once in a relationship. Guys will stay with you like he said, because the love remains but it is true it is harder to start a relationship when obese. Being fat is not normal people, get that through your heads, it not healthy nor does it look good. Don't let the media tell you being fat is ok and bein skinny is necessary. Stay healthy and fit.

Keyman, you like boobies? Man-crush ruined. :'( There are far too many people that stay in bad relationships out of fear of being alone or not being able to find someone else. My own sister is in an abusive relationship, which I've tried everything in my power to stop, because she doesn't want to be alone and she doesn't want her daughter to grow up without a father. I've told her it's far more damaging to stay. I realise this is extreme compared to this FML but if it's not a healthy relationship you really should get out of it.

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From a canadian point of view ^^^^^

ZERO, I'm not mad nor am I jealous of someone because of their skin color, if that's what you were trying to say in your retarded post. Kinda what I'd expect from someone throwing up gang signs in their picture though...

Being super skinny isn't healthy either. Starving yourself, being 6 foot and 100 lbs, its disgusting. and FYI some guys like bigger chicks.

But it doesn't say anywhere what he looks like. He could be some trashy loser.

lol this is off topic, but I thought your pic was of a girl in a tanning bed with tape over her nipple.. then I refocused my eyes and saw your face.

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I'm sorry, i just had to say this: you fit like every single douchebag stereotype. Spiked hair, fake looking tan, sunglasses, popped collar, and especially the thing saying BJ's are the deal breaker. Im not the only one who noticed this, am I?

I totally agree man. Ppl should stop being hypocritical n be real. Nobody (at least no man or woman I've ever met) wants to date a fat girl ! Fat is unattractive n unhealthy. So yeah get to the gym or exercise. Even in Africa where fat is sometimes thought of as a good thing, most ppl don't like it in their partner n go after others because of it.

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Well at least you know he loves you :/

Yeah. When you have diabetes and are close to dying, he'll be right by your side.

At least he loves you OP. Some people wont be loved during their whole life and theyll die unloved. Think about it.

rawrmeansiloveu 7

Haha "or something" thats what I meant by :/

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why do people reply to the person that commented just to be on top? I understand if you are replying to what the person that first commented for what he or her said but just to do it to reply the OP? that's just pathetic get a life.

Btw, my comment (#29) was sarcasm.... -.-

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She should be happy, that is the closest thing to "I love you" she's going to get.

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Dump him! If he's not gonna treat you like a princess why should he get action? Haha

This FML brought tears to my eyes. You're lucky to have someone so caring in your life, OP *wipes away tear*

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@110 dumping people for not treating you like a princess is going to see your future one sad pathetic cat lady...

Yea he says there's love so that's good...even tho he said he wouldn't date you if you were like that before, he probably just cares about your health..

RainbowHeadache 2

My boyfriend says the same but I'm 8 months pregnant. He knows I'll lose it once this is all over & he agrees with me that I'm fat right now but still loves me. Although, if I was big (& my idea of bigger is 135+ pounds on a 5'2 girl) before I got pregnant he wouldn't have dated me & I completely understand. Just how stuff works. My boyfriend wouldn't be as uncouth as OPs boyfriend though. :/

RainbowHeadache 2

My legs aren't pregnant. I've went up 11 pants sizes from a 1 to a 12 & I eat healthy. So my legs are fat. Not saying my stomach is. Pregnant people can get fat. It's not all "baby weight."

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Then she definetly WOULDNT have a boyfriend

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Say "I love you too", and then shove a pie in his face. That is, if a pie is handy. Substitutions may include Macaroni and Cheese or a bowl of wheaties.

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Obviously she totally wouldn't waste the food.

SPD935 5

Fattie probably ate all the food. Thus, preventing any interaction between her boyfriends' face and a pie, macaroni and cheese, etc.

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106- Are you trying to say girls who are over weight and eat a lot are called "fatties?" what if you saw a thin girl eating ten times more food, would you call her a fatty? Don't be such a jerk.

I don't understand how people on this app can be so hateful. Wow. Slowly but surely loading faith in humanity, one FMLer at a time.

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Read the post. She clearly states that she is "fat". I have no problem with slightly overweight, but when her weight becomes an issue in her relationship then obviously she is fat.

SPD935 5

122, I can only assume you mean "losing".

Fat people deserve no love. If you don't love yourself enough to be healthy looking, then no one else will waste their time on your fat ass.

GlitteryMasakali 1

People have a difficult time losing weight. It's not easy.

Losing weight is a lifestyle choice. Big girls need love too. And their are a surprising number of men who think "skinny" is just as gross as some people think "fat"

Petunia888 13

IMO, as long as you're healthy (eating right, exercising if you can) then you're good, no matter the size. I think OP just needs to make an effort to be as healthy as possible, and I'm sure the rest will fall into place.

Take what you can get. We can't all be winners...

....or she should dump his ass and find a guy with a bigger dick.

Get back in that shape and you won't ever have to worry? Better than what most guys would say I guess...

Eggers 2

"or something"... he must be talking about the sex. whatever it is you're doing don't stop, it's obviously working

it's amazing what guys will endure for the regular ******** or ass-play

Eggers 2

"or something" is him corecting himself for saying something gay. You woman don't understand that

Stay with him while you lose weight, get yourself all sexy, then dump his stupid ass. By the way, when you dump him, make sure he catches you banging the shit out of some other, more handsome guy....

thrAsHeRr9081 16

What is it with you and dicks? Lol

I decided to be a troll today. Does that answer your question?