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  hannahcorrine  |  0

At least he broke up with you honestly, face to face instead of you finding out he was cheating on you with that girl. In a sense I respect him, but it still was rude to have him show up with his new girlfriend. FYL

  dre_bro11  |  12

13, we meet again :/ Please, again, feel free to clarify, but your comment is basically saying its okay that OP's bf didn't cheat on OP by actually breaking up, yet, if he happened to have another gf at the time he broke off with OP, isn't that considered cheating?

As for OP, Adele that shit!

By  your_ma  |  27

He sounds like the kind of wanker you're far better off without. I hope you were able to act nonchalant about it in front of them even if you were gutted. Keep your chin up you'll find someone better than that! x

  Epsilonyx  |  15

I can't imagine acting nonchalant in that situation. My eyes would be flickering furiously back and forth between their hands and their faces. Essentially, I'd have a nervous breakdown. Or it may just be my eternal awkwardness kicking in.

  your_ma  |  27

Think my lip would wobble a bit but you can't let someone so callous see that they've hurt you. The best revenge is to be happier without your ex, or to at least look like you are..

  hilary56  |  0

No duh it sucks, and wth, did he tell the other girl she could come with him to break up with his other girlfriend? she should have dumped him too. Have some dignity people.

  bubblepaarty  |  5

she clearly knew he was inna relationship before her, why would you feel sorry for her ? you'd think she'd realize that if he dumped OP like that, karma's gonna get her like that too .

By  saIty  |  17

There are several revenge tactics you can use that were on FML. Such as spraying pepper spray on his toilet paper or adding salt to his coffee.