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By  EpicSquishii  |  21

The same thing kind of happened to me. The girl my boyfriend cheated on me with had to train me at my new job. When I found out, and confronted her, she was totally disgusted with him and embarassed of herself even though she didn't really do anything wrong.
She and I ended up going shopping together pretty often.
Moral of the story is:
The "other woman" often is pretty much blameless and can easily be a great person, don't villainize her :)

  rahulcool7  |  14

31- Why, OP's ex deserves to be happy and as far as we know he didn't do anything wrong just because they have been going out for a while doesn't mean he can't break up with her.

  9726  |  5

Who says the boyfriend cheated? Maybe he met another girl and fell for her. He then broke it off with his current gf so that he wouldn't be cheating on her. Maybe this new girl is such a nice person she tried to comfort the old gf. You never know the full story with fmls.

  EpicSquishii  |  21

Honestly, you're supposed to go for what makes you happy. In this situation, I feel no one is truly in the wrong. If you are not married or engaged, you should follow your heart. This girl probably feels really empathetic toward the OP, and having strong feelings toward OP's ex doesn't make her a bad person. You can't help who you love.

If you need someone to help you through a tough time, you'll take comfort where you can find it. It definitely must feel like a huge slap in the face for her though. It's a complicated situation no matter which point of view you're looking at it from.

  perdix  |  29

#2, you apparently got thumbed-down into burial for "just joking" about a threesome.

We don't joke about that!

You were really onto something. Try again, and this time tell us more about how to set up a threesome. I need to get some useful tips.

By  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

Well that is probably the worst person to be kind to you. Most likely one of those people who are like "awh I'm sorry that happened" and they just bring it up to rub it in your face. You can do better OP! Goodluck!