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By WretchedOwls - 03/03/2016 23:59 - United States - Barberton

Today, after weeks of my brother being laid off from work, I was able to finagle him an interview for one of the entry level positions at my work. He got the job, only to refuse it because it doesn't pay enough. I thought 9 dollars an hour was a lot more than 0 dollars an hour. FML
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Some people are just too proud to settle for anything other than the best.

At least you tried OP, too bad it was a waste of time.


At least you tried OP, too bad it was a waste of time.

His attitude may change when he starts going into debt.

He may have debts that build up anyway if he used to make much more than 9 dollars a day. If he wouldnt have any debt and doesnt proceed to look for other options, he truly is a moron.

Sounds like my brother. Some people are content mooching off of loved ones.

Some people are just too proud to settle for anything other than the best.

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Sounds more like laziness than pride to me.

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Sounds a lot like the people that get out of college and spend years unemployed because they want a flooded job, and since they have no work experience at all no one wants them, but if they took a job they become more interesting to employers. As a hiring manager you show me huge gaps of employment/school/service on you application or resume you may not get the interview to begin with.

Dude if I got paid 9 dollars an hour I would be so happy. My old job paid 5 bucks a day and it was gardening for my dad

Well, I can see where OP's brother's coming from, maybe he had a great paying job, maybe he has been laid off like 2 or 3 weeks ago and knows he can do a lot better than an entry level position for $9/hour. If you are broke and really need the money then alright, go for anything but if you can accord to stay unemployed for a couple of months, why settle for a crappy job if you can get a much better one?

You never know for sure when you can get another job. If you're actively looking and are offered one that doesn't pay enough in your mind, regardless of how much longer you can go without, it's better to just take that and keep looking for a better one in the meantime than risk not finding another job until well after your savings are depleted.

If he could have gotten a better, well paying job then maybe OP wouldn't have had to help him in the first place.

Not true. If you were making 40k and just got laid off, you'd be getting more in unemployment payments for the next year than you'd earn making $9/hr, and have the time and energy to find a full time job instead of losing your benefits and spending all your time on a job that doesn't pay anything close to what you should be earning in your field. We don't know what's happened. OP could just be horning in on a situation they don't understand.

Lol that's what a 14 year old gets at McDonald's in Australia

That only equates to about $6.50 in the US. $9 in the US would be about $12 in Australia.

In the, 9 AUD would be below the federal minimum wage.

I know the difference, starters at McDonalds get about 12,, 13 AUD

I'm jealous. I'm trying to find a job anywhere and my states minimum wage is just above $8 an hour. I understand wanting a living wage, but you take what you can get when you can get it. Maybe his unemployment benefits are worth more than $9/hour if he stays unemployed?

Maybe he can apply at fast food and protest for $15

His life, his choices. There is nothing to feel bad about, OP. You did your best to support your family.