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Today, my boyfriend informed me via text message that he had moved to Bristol, and the reason he had ignored me the past fortnight was because he didn't know how to tell me. He knew he was moving even before we even got together. FML
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In British English, people would almost always say fortnight instead of two weeks. We think it's odd that Americans find it cute.

Even before you even? Are you even from tumblr even?


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Sounds miserable. Think about it though: what good would a discussion have done? He still would have moved, and you two still would not be together anymore. The situation would still have rendered all the effort you put into your now-failed relationship moot. It's just so pointless, isn't it? Much like everything else in life. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

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Actually, the point was she wishes she would have known before the relationship started. So yes, you are right that they would still not be together, you are right that he still would have moved. But what you are failing to see, is he could have avoided the painful part by telling her in the first place, so there would be no break up...

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ooo you poor wench yo doth weighhhted a fortnight like a boss.

70 Thats what I was thinking. A fortnight? I didn't think anyone still used that. Did Shakespeare get dumped here?

everybody says forghtnight in Britain/Ireland

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I heard a good club opened down town. I'll see you there

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Does it also amuse you when people say 'weekend' and 'month'?

In British English, people would almost always say fortnight instead of two weeks. We think it's odd that Americans find it cute.

But we also think most things about Americans are quite odd too.

Well, the citizens of the USA are very easily amused by differences. I don't know about the rest of America though... Where I'm from we don't talk at all so...

Is she wrong in finding something to smile about, in a good way, when learning of differences in cultures? Should she have said something rude instead about you people? There's enough hate going on b/c people can't get over cultural differences. You find a nice girl who does, and you lonely, sarcastic British have to find something wrong. Don't try to impress your own cultural bitterness on us.

Oh, in my case at least, that wasn't my intent. I didn't call her stupid or ignorant, just that that's the way it's normally said, and that we find people's surprise at it as strange as if they'd never heard the word 'Wednesday' used in a sentence. Sorry if it came across that way. I didn't see any malice in what #3 said, and none was intended in return.

Likewise, my part was all in the same good humour. Sarcasm need not be taken as malicious; it is more likely to be playful. This is just one of those things where we find it unusual that Americans are so amused at the 'cuteness' of what to us is just a natural way of speaking.

36, 39, everything's fine then :)... honestly, you have no idea how many times there have been people coming at us Americans in a bad way b/c of innocent statements. I'm glad that's not the case with you guys. It's good that you guys were patient enough to clear that up & separate yourselves from the others.

oh, also we're not all innocent, so feel free to fire away at the assholes on our side ;) (plus, us Americans, with our 'obvious humor', need to try & understand the British sarcasm better haha)

I think you should just all shut up and listen America. without us British you wouldn't exist so you sort of owe us one. oh and don't ever take the mic out of British humour ever again cos it's a hell of a lot better than yours. an I divnt give a damn bout insulting youse.

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#60, let me just say something about you and your little "America wouldn't be America without the british" theory: Granted the first people over here were spain technically, then the english, by the time America was declared independent, it was a few generations later. So the people that made America America, were in fact Americans. Try no to make yourself look so ignorant next time.

wooww #60, everything was going well until u had to run your fat mouth. I'm with the other guys. and 60, stop trying to be funny.

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Why Bristol? She wasn't even that good on "Dancing With the Stars."

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If only I knew where that was... :(

perdix 29

Oh, I thought she was in Alaska, or traveling with her mom, Sarah. My bad.

Doncaster is your chosen example of a UK city? Perhaps I'm just bitter because I got lost there.. In the dark.. all alone. Stupid Doncaster.

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Sigh... Where's Bristol? I don't know, Alaska? If you can ask her, then you'll know where she is. What? *runs and hides, looks to perdix for help*

31... Doncaster is where op is from

actually Bristol Bay is a place in Alaska as well... not the person... she is named after the bay

Maybe he meant he's moved on to someone with better Bristols?

Forsooth! Not a fortnight?! He hath offendedeth thee with his deception!

Offendeth would be present tense and hath is past tense so your grammar is all wrong.

No shit, tardling! So what would the tense be for the word I actually used, "offendedeth"? Was the silliness not obvious enough for you?

The silliness was perfectly obvious, I just chose to ignore it.

@16 Past tense: He hath offended thee. Present tense: He offendeth thee. And "No shit tardling." is properly rendered "I am a troll trying to bait people and since my first attempt did not work, I am trying again."

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Actually, a penguin ******* with a giraffe might be something I'd pay to see. *Next on 'Animal Planet', Animal **** gone wild*

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RPS: he'd better wine and dine me, first. And giraffes don't eat fish.

HAHA I like your Old English Grammar burn, I really would have never caught that. Good work for being educated

Even before you even? Are you even from tumblr even?