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Today, I moved three hours away from my boyfriend for college. Even though he got accepted to the same school and had a job lined up in town, he decided not to come with me because the Internet at our apartment wasn't going to be fast enough for his gaming. FML
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He has his priorities straight

In case anybody else was confused, I put an IP trace on #2's comment, and it's from an alternate universe in which the OP talked about being weird and taking away her boyfriend's games. She hid them like Easter eggs.


He has his priorities straight

Let the man have his games. He puts up with your weirdness as well. There's always something

In case anybody else was confused, I put an IP trace on #2's comment, and it's from an alternate universe in which the OP talked about being weird and taking away her boyfriend's games. She hid them like Easter eggs.

Thank you Tri. God, I thought something was wrong with me.

Well #12, I wouldn't speak too soon. You are on this website after all.

You guys overreacted real hard ? I'm just saying that in a relationship there are usually things both people do that annoy the other. When one person in a relationship complains they have to remember that they have probably annoyed the other person recently. You all need to chill

Making jokes and disagreeing are not overreacting; we were chill the whole time. Sure, people annoy each other occasionally in relationships, but this goes far beyond "annoying". He had a job, school, and apartment lined up, then he pulled out to remain three hours away. I find it odd that you presume the OP has done something equally jeopardizing to their relationship and that her BF's actions were simply annoying.

A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do

While it might not seem important to you, gaming is a massive part of some people's lives. A slow internet seriously impedes gaming. Slow internet is a good reason to refuse to move into a house. Really some of the blame is on you. If you wanted him to move with you, you should've made sure the new place meets both yours and his needs.

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why yes. gaming is a massive part of some peoples' lives, but you have to have priorities like Education, a Job, being physically close to your girlfriend.. these have to be in order. if you put all these below having fast enough internet, i gotta say i don't have a clue how you can get or keep a girlfriend. but that's just me and my little rant.

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Why was it HER responsibility to ensure the place met BOTH of their needs? If he is old enough to be going to college, getting a job, and moving in to an apartment/house with his girlfriend, then he is old enough to ensure that whatever place they decide on sufficiently meets HIS needs. And if he couldn't be bothered, then HE shouldn't complain, much less leave his girlfriend in a situation where she is probably scrambling to find a new roommate to take over his half of the lease.

the guy clearly has a place she also can move into. seriously the general populace of this app is becoming slightly dumber by the post

3 hours away from college. That's 6 hours each day just driving. I can't say I blame op for still moving. The drive alone is terrible but think of the gas as well.

Ever heard of the Faze Clan? More specifically Faze Rain? No? Anyway he's a kid (early to mid 20's) who is worth 800k, who got his start playing COD. Have you heard of DanTDM? He is worth $6.2 million dollars just because he plays Minecraft. If you are good at gaming and making great content, that can easily beat out education and a job. No for being physically close. They probably worked it out some how.

The Faze Clan makes excellent vlogtages now. Gee, they really don't give a rat's ass about gaming anymore.

As a watcher of gamers: you make it sound easy. Most gamers still need jobs and go to school while streaming or putting up videos. If you think it's easy to climb up to the top, look at the countless people streaming or putting up videos with barely any views. It's great to try if you want to, but you cannot rely on that. If it takes off, great. If not what do you plan to do? It takes a good personality as well as luck.

Are you seriously trying to justify the whole thing?

Teams that play on a professional level like Fnatic or NaVi do not require jobs as they're paid like actual sports player by their orgs. With that other orgs can actually buy out other team rosters just like FaZe did to G2.ESports in CSGO, or another example; Titan's roster being bought by Envyus. Streamers can be full time or part time, as you can do it as a Twitch partner as long as you have 100+ viewers consistently, you'll obtain a subscribe button and so on so forth. Some examples would be LobosJr or Summit1G. Otherwise, you can do it through Patreon pledges or a donation button.

#11 can you read? how about you actually read the whole paragraph you lazy fuck if jumping to conclusions was an Olympic sport you'd have a new metal ranking for first while gold goes to be 2nd place HE never said it was HER fault

Time to rethink your relationship OP.

Lol on every relationship post there is always someone telling op to break up. No exceptions

I'm sure there will be a man at your new school who's smart enough to make you a priority.

"smart enough" see its shit that people say like this that makes self righteous brats that think they're the prettiest queen that bitch at everything in society

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Actually in all logic, school would be the number 1 priority, not having a gf.

It honestly sounds like an excuse to not move in with you. Or he might just be a homebody.

You've heard less than a passage about this person and you're assuming he's lying...

It sounds kinda like a lie to me too, honestly. Moving away from home for the first time is a big thing, and not everyone can handle it. some people make up excuses to avoid doing new and different things.

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Why? Unless OP's boyfriend was planning on moving in with OP before hand (which if he was, then it's his own fault about the internet). But if he never said anything about moving in with OP once they found a place, he is in no way obligated to. Maybe it isn't just the internet being to slow, maybe he's comfortable where he's at and just doesn't want to move.

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In all honesty it's his choice and I know I get pissed off when I have a slow internet connection. I'm not sure why everyone is giving the bf such hate. Did he make a decision before that he was going to move in with OP? Or did the OP move into the apartment and think he would follow them?

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If he had applied to the school and applied and gotten a job, I'm sure he was also planning on moving.

I understand that..i'm the gamer my hubby isn't