By iliveintexas - United States - Tyler
Today, my dad wants me to spray a wasp nest, because I'm the fittest family member and can run the fastest. The wasps are already angry, and I'm allergic to them. FML
iliveintexas tells us more :
Hey everyone, in case you're wondering, I have NOT sprayed the nests yet (my dad has informed me there are around 10 nests), but I will be sure to record it, because I am an idiot. PS: Thank you all for the helpful comments, I am aware that I should wear long pants and a long shirt. However (for my favorite comment), in Texas, it is hard to find a cheap steel-forged suit of armor, as well as to craft one. More soon, David (iliveintexas, and author of this FML)
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  Larawk  |  8

Do my method... Step 1. Hockey stick with an old shirt on the end. Step 2. Dip the shirt in gasoline. Step 3. Light it on fire. Step 4. Quickly drape the shirt over the nest and run.

  hama806  |  19

Wasp stings are no joking matter. Especially with an allergy to them. Why would your dad risk your life like that OP? Tell him to call the exterminator and stop being such a cheap ass.

  outoftown  |  26

#1, Since your dad doesn't seem to care about your health, find out how much an exterminator would charge, then ask dad if your emergency room visit and lost work time would cost more.

  MrsDruidess  |  23

depending on your home, use a blowtorch. Our old place was brick, we use to get a bunch so every so often my husband would torch the hive wasps and all (instant death to everything) and I would give it a sec and hose it down, just in case. Never got stung.

  skyeyez9  |  24

I have allergies and had many reactions. An epipen usually works about 15 mins before it wears off and your throat begins to swell shut again.

  boredSOLDIER  |  33

OP is from Texas like me, trust me they will be ok. Plus if he/she survives they will have major bragging rights for being ballsy and being "fit", idk lol

  Psych101  |  9

27 is trying to say: "Think of what OP's family will do when the zombies come!"

Although how you mix up "the" with "think", I have no idea.

By  kimg0885  |  23

Calling a professional would be cheaper than a visit to the ER. I'm allergic to bees also so when I see one I run for dear life! There's no chance in hell I would attempt to remove a nest.

By  stormchaser24  |  24

That spray should kill them instantly, if you ate using the stuff that sprays 20 feet you should be ok. But I would go for the exterminator or see if one of your friends will do it. Or flamethrower.