By worried - 01/04/2010 08:28 - Ireland

Today, I told my boyfriend that my period was now over three weeks late. He still doesn't believe me since it's April Fool's day. But I'm not kidding. FML
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tyrob911 0

lol talk about the timing. I wouldn't believe too since it's April fools day. tell him again tomorrow


whats the big deal

oooh that sucks

congrats OP! I <3 babehs :D

thatsoviciouS 0


Tell him tomorrow.

when will people learn, either you should've told him yesterday or wait til tomorrow.

Name the baby April haha. Btw, wassup mfmylife? Lol.

Hated_By_FML 0

ydi for getting knocked up

Blue_Coconuts 7


and I bet you'd tell him it's not his either, but he still won't believe you cause it's April fools. but again you're not kidding.

Snugglez 0

you have been late over three weeks and your just telling him now on April fools day? yea I'm sorry but your an idiot

why didn't u tell him yesterday OP??? It was already 2 weeks and 6 days late. YDI for waiting to tell him today no one will believe u :-s So yes do what everyone here is telling u go with him and buy a pregnancy test. Good luck I hope for the best and if u are preg. congrats

oooohh that Is JUST such a BAD day. ( note my saracasm)

8 lol as much as the horror that would bring me if I was the guy . the I <3 babehs was cute

it means she is pregnant dumb fck

pipp360 0

ungrateful bitch

hahaha happy April fools day your preggers!

rohosoccer08 1

haha I was going to play that as an April fools joke last year but decided against it... 6 days later i missed my period and now I have a beautiful little girl! lol

haha your not married your childs gunna be a bastard lol

rohosoccer08 1

they could get married before the babys born... that's what I did with my son!

she's a whore it's people like you we don't need

8, orly? I <3 boobehs.

Emmmmm55 0

OMG how will u ever live

luckymay 0

it means she prego

HHH1234 3

wow you're pretty

r u serious? u don't know what that means? what r u, 12?

GUESS WHO'S GOT A EGG!!!! In their pants

PandasRtheShit 0


22cute 17

He'll believe you eventually, won't he?

tyrob911 0

lol talk about the timing. I wouldn't believe too since it's April fools day. tell him again tomorrow

haha neither wud I!

Sun_Kissed18 25

Really? That's a serious thing. That's why I hate this day

preggggerrrrssss. haha ydi for not using protection!

She might have used protection. Condoms can break, and sometimes the Pill doesn't work. Nothing's failsafe (not even abstinence, according to Christianity...).

Even Mary got knocked up while abstaining...

No need for the sarcastic religious insults. Considering the odds of bearing the next Lord's child would be somewhere around 1 in many billions of people...

Whoa, Mary did not get knocked up! God just suddenly made her preggs with his awesome powers 'n' stuff. So SHUT UP you atheist!

Tell him again tomorrow - He might believe you since it isn't April Fools Day

He played the April Fools on you when he said he pulled out in time...YDI!

LOL, that would mean everyday is April Fools Day for the OP's boyfriend!

the sad thing is...I know people that act that like lol

ur cool since u like the longhorns.

devious_prizm 0

Ahhhh here's a thought, pregnancy test?

deannagarcia 0

how is this an fml. just tell him tomorrow

because she is pregnant

he'll believe you when you show him the positive pregnancy test!

He'll probably think it's a fake test.

Not if they go buy it together. Let him pick the store and test.

And hold it while she pees on it.

KurouTenshi 0

then he can use it to stir his Jack and coke, he'll need plenty of them to cope with the fact that he's gonna be a daddy!!

BadPinkKitty07 0

maybe your period is pranking you? april fools!