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  NuyoRicanGirl  |  25

why didn't u tell him yesterday OP??? It was already 2 weeks and 6 days late. YDI for waiting to tell him today no one will believe u :-s So yes do what everyone here is telling u go with him and buy a pregnancy test. Good luck I hope for the best and if u are preg. congrats

  rohosoccer08  |  25

haha I was going to play that as an April fools joke last year but decided against it... 6 days later i missed my period and now I have a beautiful little girl! lol

By  playalovegame  |  7

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  ktbird  |  7

No need for the sarcastic religious insults. Considering the odds of bearing the next Lord's child would be somewhere around 1 in many billions of people...

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