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By dumped - 26/07/2010 23:48 - United States

Today, I was in the shower and I heard my boyfriend walk in. I struck my sexiest pose and when he came in, he looked me up and down and told me, "You look like my mother." Thanks. FML
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Ew! How would he know what his mom looked like in that pose? O.o


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that sucks sorry op oh and first

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umm... hopefully your moms a milf? :) ha

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Hah wow so does he look at his mother while she's in the shower? :o

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haha your probaly fat or his mom is a milf

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And if OP's boyfriend has kids for some reason, she be a GILF!

damn getting with the mom and daughter that's hot

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He said his mother not her mother. OP, your boyfriend is strange. Lol!

damn I can't read =( but that is not right

he could mean his mother poses like that in the shower