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Today, I was looking through my boyfriend's Facebook photos, when I saw a recent comment by one of his friends asking how his night out with "Danielle" went. He replied: "Dude, keep that shit on the down-low." We've been dating for over a year. FML
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Redoxx_fml 22

Guess he thought it would be too easy to press the delete button


Idonebeenhad 17

I hate it when people's a complete violation of a couple's trust for one another. Sorry OP, FYL for having spent over a year of your life with that kind of person.

Well nothing is official until it's on Facebook.

n_epic_fail 14

Cheating boyfriends? My specialty. Meet me at "the park" with pictures and an address. We'll discuss prices and weapons of choice. Code word: SuperAwsomeNinja

Conversations usually end up on the news feed for everyone to see. Instead of replying to his friend, why didn't he delete his friend's comment?

Ah well your young and plenty of better men in this world. Just pick your self up an drop this guy like a hot tamale.

msjoyfull84 0

Yup 29, teach 'em how to cheat better.

38 - 29 is just asking the most logical question in that scenario. That he didn't delete the comment shows OP's bf is either really stupid or just doesn't care about her finding out.

30- hot tamales are good those, why drop it D: gotta hate it. Isn't it funny that it's called Facebook but he couldn't tell you the truth to your actual face?

kaylamahoney90 12
HannahWho 8

I dont get why people cheat. If you want to date "Danielle" but you are with someone else, then dump them. At least you would have been honest. No guy is so special he deserve more than one woman unless they are in a swinger/open relationship and the girl has the same right to get with other guys too. But if you said you were in a monogamous relationship then you are an asshole for cheating, plain and simple.

Xquisite1 28

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Michael_92 20

Actually you should read it yet again. They have been going out for a year and the guy cheated and we don't know how long they been at it.

I love when people mouth off and they're wrong, classic!

Actually, it doesn't say anywhere that he cheated other then in the username and the quotation marks. But, it would be simpler to understand if she didn't add the part about them dating for a year, that makes it look like they've been dating for a while and the bf doesn't want his parent's or an ex.

r0ckoman 0

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Or maybe you are retarded. Or maybe not. You should ask DocBastard.

n3rd43v3r 10

What's up with the spaces with ur coments . ? Like dude. What the hell.

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No really Taco_Bender, we are actually giving helpful advice in the form of being critical assholes. Except KaySL, she is an asshole....

Just don't love her too much, or you'll end up tied to a bed with your penis cut off and part of her Detachable penis collection.

Didnt know there was tht much danger. Im guessing you saved my dick from being in a collection box. Thanks 28

Haha, these comments have got that dick in a box song stuck in my head -.-

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

This comment seriously had me surprised. *Face-palm* Like a cheater would ever come clean. Maybe.. 1 in a million chance anyway.

It's supposed to be 2 spaces. After the period. Not . Lol

ChadAvreySchilli 0

#8 that facebook comment might of been about her... So maybe dont be critical, now if its another girl, be as critical as you want. I have enjoyed the idiocity here, goodnight.

WaterPoloLove3 0

178- actually the people who are on the English language committee just announced this past year that two spaces after a period is unnecessary and now there's only a need for one. It's incorrect if there's two spaces following a period.

So then your not Danielle... Hmmm.. Well consider someone dumped

Maybe he just wanted a girl's opinion on the engagement ring he wants to buy you...

WaterPoloLove3 0

Or maybe he wanted a different girl's opinion on his dick! *mumbles about how girls these days always try to convince themselves of a good reason for him cheating*

WaterPoloLove3 0

On FML, you can't kid without a *sarcasm* entry.

dancerNsinger4li 0

Wow, boyfriend huh? If I were you, I would have been saying ex-boyfriend but I mean, thats just me.

Well people then would be like "Then who gives a shit he's your ex."

AhhBrenid 8

I agree with lolyeahthatsme.

HannahWho 8

Because at the time of the story, he was her boyfriend. I would not care if someone said, "I was looking through my ex's pictures." But because they were dating, at the time he cheated, that makes him a right bastard. Now I care.

Redoxx_fml 22

Guess he thought it would be too easy to press the delete button

GovernorGeneral 8

Write this in too : ' oh shiit ya dont want his girlfriend to know thaat ! Oh..too late. Goodbye (insert bfs name) ' Thatll make you feel better ..kinda?

lebronesque73091 12

Who does he think he is Hanna Montana?

I think the boyfriend is stupid for leaving it on Facebook. Pretty sure you can delete things off your profile, silly boy. FYL

cyK0tek 0

^On an unrelated note. Whut chyu cookin your pic? Looks tasty! :D,

It became strawberry and blueberry pie...

linkinpark98 23

Dump his ass to the curb. No mercy.

meenu_fml 3

His friend could be joking. Some people do that, they see an unattractive person, and joke around with their friends about it (only douche bags do that)

bizarre_ftw 21

His response makes that seem unlikely

Only douche bags do that? And here all these years I found it okay to joke with friends. Damn it

Well it sounds like you know a lot about being a douche bag.

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

15 - Or he was cheating and with the help of his idiot friend, got caught.

72 I meant only douchebags make fun of other person's appearance .