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  Roevera  |  14

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  Godsofdracos  |  15

169 it's bros before hoes... And that saying is ridiculous. Like it's expecting you to choose between the girl you want to date/marry or hookup with your so called bro. Just silly.

  shudson186  |  17

#34 Stabbing is necessary when someone wants to take a fry off a plate. Her husband is lucky it wasn't a knife in the heart. Don't be so judgemental about the wife for wanting to protect the things she loves man!

  peachesncreem  |  21

I don't think you fully comprehend the FML. He took fries off of his wife's plate! There's an un-spoken rule about that.

Gentlemen, please take this FML as a warning. If you decide to repeat OP's foolish act, be prepared to pay the consequences.

  downtime  |  12

12, I'm sure most people would have the common sense to still vote the same way. You do something stupid and get hurt, it doesn't matter if you're male or female, you're going to get the same response.
I hope...

  GoldenGrizzly  |  7

The problem with that (and not just about Op's wife) is that some people were raised in a way that makes taking food/sharing food rude or unsanitary. I refuse to share drinks or food (unless I push it onto their plate, they better not stick their hand in my good) because my father was a germaphobe and pretty much convinced us we would get throat cancer and die sharing drinks. It is just something I view as rude. I am also a very picky eater, if I order something it is for me I am not sharing and usually I do not want anything anyone else is having so it wouldn't matter. If you wanted that then you should have ordered it.