By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Thetford
Today, my boyfriend broke up with me, saying he had to move away to be with his dad, who's just been diagnosed with cancer. After talking to his sister, I discovered that not only is his dad healthy, he's not moving away either; he's just gotten back with his ex. FML
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  un1corns  |  15

43 - The OP's boyfriend is pretty pathetic. It's very possible (and not that difficult) to break up with someone in a friendly, mature way without having to lie.

  Qandol  |  26

If he can lie and make his father sick to break up with you, think of this, what wouldn't he do to get another girl in the future, once a lair always a lair. You deserve better OP.

By  Llamacod  |  11

wow, dump that lose.... er, I mean, obviously the sister is lying.

  RigPig  |  3

Well that straight up makes no sense. Use your head dummy. OP probably asked the sister how the father was doing or something like that. Even if she was "snooping" it was obviously justified. Derp Derp.

  aerro1  |  0

Who says she went to his sister to ask? What if his sister came to you? Think about it. Do the math. You will probably get it wrong, but it's important that you try.

  olpally  |  32

obviously the dad's okay... that's not the point... the guy is an asshole for doing that to op, regardless of how he did it. Be glad he is no longer in your life op, he's a tool bag!