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That's impressive.

You have an escape artist on your hands!


That's impressive.

I have a daughter that just turned 4 last week, and it'd be a cold day in hell I'd have to tell her twice not to get up and crawl around in the car. OP needs to learn to discipline better.

did you say strap in or strap on? ;)

26, are you seriously trying to make a perverted joke about a three year old? Yuck.

#23, I have a 3 year old and I was thinking the same thing. Getting out of a car seat while the car is in motion is simply not an option.

Agreed I used to do that let's just say my mom Carried a wood spoon in the car for a while

My parent used to have to safety pin me to the car seat at about 2.5 years old

23, so is OP supposed to pay attention to the road and other drivers, or constantly look in the rearview mirror?

#118: When one is driving, one is supposed to check the mirrors about every seven seconds, anyway.

You have an escape artist on your hands!

We need to add chains, explosions, two assistants and a few flaming chainsaws.

But this isn't Saw! D:

She's an illusionist

I used to open the van doors when I was little and I would laugh at my mom.

Where's Harry Houdini when you need him!

63- 6 feet under the ground.

73 ...or is he??

I've been doing that since I was about 8-9 months old! No matter how tight my mom made the straps I would wiggle out of them, sit next to my car seat and start giggling. What makes it even funnier is my mom was a cop at the time and we would often get rides home from her cop buddies who also finished their shift. My mom had ended up considering duck tape to keep me in the seat but didn't want to hurt me.

It's duct tape. Using a duck would only exacerbate an extremely dangerous situation.

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I believe the "seat" OP referred to was probably a car seat, at three.

Wow #3, where were you when they passed the brains out...

#17, the bathroom. A fail safe excuse.

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I RESPECT the fact you need a brain

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Well yes, you should have one asshole. We all do.

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I like how you changed your pic to you flipping the camera off. If you did have a brain though you'd realize the only thing showing is your duck face and the tip of your finger... Formatting strikes again

Ambient, I love you.

Man, I think I do too..

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And yet here you are...

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No people in general don't like idiots. We are just more blunt about it. Ambient deservers a medal for his good work.

"I'm pretty sure I have one asshole." I'm dying. Grammar is important, kids.

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100, and the butthurt comment award goes to...

You earn respect

This is late. Probably why I wasn't accepted onto my school's cross country team. Anyways... 39, pretty sure something as important as respect isn't just handed out as if it fell out of the sky every 2.3 seconds. It's earned. So far, you've done nothing to earn it and therefore, you get none.

Is her name Houdini?

I believe OP decided to go with Houdinette.

Sounds like you need to double buckle her in

Sounds like you need to double think of a good comment

Ehh, I could go for a Doritos Los Tacos.

don't be a fucking ass 32!! Dane, good comment! maybe if op did double buckle her kid wouldn't be able to escape as easily.

You can't cheerlead everyone you know...

you can't fucking argue 15th everyone either, you know?

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Correct. Having your child not strapped into her safety seat is no big deal. In the event of a crash, I'm sure her baby fat would protect her from injury. You are a genius. Idiot.

Let's hope #7 never procreates...otherwise I can see this happening "oh like food don't they?"

#7, you just said the exact same thing in the previous FML. Don't you know you have to wait at least one year before using the same comment?

I accidentally posted the same comment on two of them

I accidentally walked outside naked

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"Do as I say not as I do"

Looks like 59 can't handle the internet... U mad bro? ;)

@59, the fact that you think a season is the only reason people should show respect to one another is very telling. "It's better to let the world think you're an idiot than to open your mouth and prove them right" I think some commenters would have gotten more respect had they followed this saying. ;)

59- If you post a stupid comment, you're gonna get a smartass answer.

A) not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving B) not everyone celebrates Christmas. i celebrate both, but that doesnt mean everyone here does. plus, holidays should not be the reason youre nice and respectful. people should aim for that everyday of the year.

The slithery child always evades the firm hold that is child restraints.

Wow, why did that make me think of Draco Malfoy lmfao

Just be glad that was all she was doing. My parents told me that when I was three I used to get out of my seat and start chucking things I found out the window lol...

Duct tape. Lots and lots of duct tape. I believe they even sell it in pretty patterns now for her; better than being tossed out of the front window in a collision!!

Back when I was a kid, children weren't too good to go through the windshield with the rest of the family.

a little rebel in the making