By Zit-Blues - 04/01/2010 13:50 - United States

Today, I had a large pimple on my temple. I decided to try the whole "put toothpaste on the zit to make it dry up" technique that all the magazines say to do. Not only is my pimple still there, but the toothpaste irritated my skin and my already large pimple now appears three times bigger. FML
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what toothpaste were you using cause it works for me,or its fake?

darkheadlights 4

Did you use gel toothpaste or white toothpaste? You're not supposed to use gel.


what toothpaste were you using cause it works for me,or its fake?

its probably not fake cuz it depends on the toothpaste u use. it works for me to, but only sometimes

Reyo 2

i'm gonna be honest, that illustration looks like a monster that got a face full of bukkake, then became so sexually excited that it came out of the infinite penis heads on its back and is very interested in the guy its coming out of.

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To 104: Dude, how much anime **** do you watch? o.o Anyways, awesome illustration for a yucky FML. It looks neat, even though a pimple normally doesn't sprout tentacles too.

why do you have to ruin the illusion? who cares if a pimple doesn't normally grow tentacles, they do in the illustration, so leave it be.

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it worked for me for a while as well but all of a sudden the same thing happened 2 me and i had huge red marks all over my face

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104, that's exactly what I saw. Even before I read your comment... OP has phallic acne. That is an awful way to represent a pimple.

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agreed i clicked on it because the snippit of the picture you got looked like some anime gangbang

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You must've thought long and hard about that one...

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Uh ... U really shouldn't be using toothpaste on your face. There is really hard chemicals in there. Think about it it's trying to whiten your teeth! U really wanna put that on your face? I use honey.

Pimple on Temple, Pimple on Temple , looking like a fool with a Pimple on Temple.

renaet 0

With the pus on your face, second head coming out. Walking, talking with the pimple on your temple!!

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Yo its simple, you got a big ass pimple, on your temple, its an ample, supply of puss on your towel, I would scream so Simon Cowel, would fly me 2 LA on his owl, if I saw the monster tumor, in real life id use the zoomer, in my bionic eyes to see what doomed-her, but right now I enjoy the humor

damn! the worst rap I've ever seen D: xD

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LIMERICK TIME!!! There once was this girl with a spot No, she didn't like it a lot She looked for advice, checked the magazines twice But work, the advice truly did not. On her head all the beauty was taken By a zit, oh so small in the makin' Then she uses toothpaste, to rid it at haste the zit went inflamed and all breakin' The toothpaste ain't worked like she hoped Now she'll have to just try and cope With looks and rude stares from guys everywhere Thinking: she's hot, but that pimple? NOPE. She seeked out the tips from a gazette The paper just tricked her and let The pimple get huge, like a gian deluge And now that she cannot forget Now what do we learn from this story? Advice from mag's do not bring you glory Just add to your trouble, like bursting your bubble In a way that can be kinda gory So, OP I say: YDI Advice from magazines? Suicide! They care about money, so they trick you, honey: Next time, ask from your favorite guy! But now, it is starting to be Too late, so good night to me! Hoping you learned so when, you need help again You won't read poems by RC!!

darkheadlights 4

Did you use gel toothpaste or white toothpaste? You're not supposed to use gel.

dudeitsdanny 9

They're also supposed to test a tiny amount on their chest or back to see how their skin reacts in similarly sensitive places. My skin will get seriously effed up if I use toothpaste

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I thought you are suppose to use the white tooth paste, And yes it does work.

Doesn't work for everyone I'm afraid. You should have used tea tree oil or sudocrem. Don't worry I've read worse, one girl put it all over her face and it went tomato red. Just cover it up with a eyedrops and a little concealer you'll be good to go.

Toothpaste actually "burns" the skin, that's why it works. You probably left it on too long and burnt the rest of your skin and not just the zit.

I've left it on all night before and been fine, but then the OP may have more sensitive skin than me

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haha i get 'Pimples' on my temples all the time (lol haha pimples on my temples) it so happened to be a bumb from were i scratch there too much

just try rubbing alcahol next time to dry it out and put a hot towel on it, and I mean REALY hot, I believe ya that your skin got irretated, if I use face wash with to much moisture or something I blister up, be carefull!

wow that sucks, toothpaste almost always does the trick for me--without any side effects